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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Minami Sengoku: Photobook promo event pics and more....

 Even though Up Up Girls hasn't sold tons of copies for their singles don't think that was a reason for Minami graduating, really thought she enjoyed the Idol life and it always looked like she had so much fun. However will still be continuing this 'singles series' for a while and will try to have them as group posts with many more pics and such.
 "Samurai Girls" was the 14th single for UUG, it was released on September 4, 2013. It only reached #47 on the charts which for some strange reason was their lowest charting single in the last 4 1/2 years. No good reason for that as the song is quite a good one and above is a video of the group promoting it at Tower Records which had quite a small stage.
 Though Minami and Ayano are now gone UUG will stay together and be a five member group. They do have a single scheduled for November 28th along with a tour beginning in December. Yesterday they performed their first show as a quintet and will be travelling to Thailand for another show.

 Most of those post though is about the incredibly adorable and ultra sultry Minami. Will have a few more posts for her coming up but want to spread them out, still need to view the second half of her graduation concert and when I do will have a slew of screenshots from it. Now that Minami has departed from Up Up Girls she now longer can post on their blog but think she's still doing entries on their Twitter page. She did start a solo blog on September 16th which was the day after her graduation though not too much info there yet.

 Minami also has a Fresh account, it's a site where you can post videos and she's done many of them already. You need to sign up and pay the site though to view them, seems most are in the 2-4 minute range and here are some pics from the site.

 As you can see from two of the pics Minami was promoting her first photobook in the videos. Have posted some promo pics for the PB already but here's some of them again with the bottom two being new and the first one being from the photo shoot.

 Title of the book is "Minami no Ketsui", it was released on September 15th which was the date of her graduation. On the 24th, today, Minami held a fan signing session for the PB at the Fukuya Bookstore in Shinjuku. Didn't look for a video as I'm sure there isn't one as it seemed to be a low key event though Minami of course looked overly seductive.

 Two days ago she was joined by Sakurako Wada from Kobushi Factory for a H!P show. They're a newish J-Pop group which has been around since early 2015 and to date have five singles and an album though I've never heard any of their tunes. Maybe I will check them out soon, their last single which came out in June reached #4 on the charts.
 That H!P show is 'Upcoming', it aired on September 22nd and was the 85th episode. It's a show promoting newer Hello Project acts but also has a bit of news about older groups as there's a UUG segment, opening music is a song by Juice=Juice.

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