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Friday, September 29, 2017

C-ute: Saki Nakajima- A little(lot) of this and that....

 Was going to have a lot of info for the "Chou Wonderful" album which came out in 2011. But there are quite a few things to to post about the album so will hold off on everything and have a 'singles series' post for the album.
 This was the first album I heard from C-ute and it remains by fave one to this day. Shocking that it only reached #20 on the charts especially when it contained three singles that reached the top ten.
C-ute never did have a number one hit but always wondered if the song above which wasn't a single may have been the tune that could have hit #1.
 That song is "Midnight Temptation" which is the second tune off the album. It's the only place to find it as it was never even a B-side, to me it's one of the group's top four songs. Plenty of live versions of it on YT, there was never an official PV for it and have always noticed it's a huge crowd favorite in concert.

 Don't think a pic like that bottom one has got my imagination working overdrive like that does, gulp!!!! Have a rule that once you finish first on one of my lists you're not eligible for any more. Last year Saki took the top spot on the 'Top Twenty Faves' list, and had been thinking could she have done it two years in a row?
 Well, the odds were against it though if C-ute didn't disband she certainly would be in the running as she would end up no lower than fourth. The post for her being number one will be the featured post of the day, it may be the biggest one I've ever done. Plus with all of the thousands of posts I've had over the years that to me is the best one ever and did have a lot of fun doing it.

 This will be another huge post as there must be around seventy pics, all are new for here though there hasn't been that many recent Saki activities or at least not many you can post about. Now that C-ute is no longer around she wanted to concentrate more on her acting career and she's going to be in two plays. The first will be running from October 5th to the 15 and is called "Dreaming Television" while the second one "The Ikedaya!" won't be happening until next April.
 One thing Saki won't be doing any more is the P✰League bowling show which airs on Saturdays. Saki had been the host since February 2011 when she celebrated her seventeenth birthday. Last Saturday which was the 24th she hosted her final show, she didn't even give a farewell address as she wasn't on it for as long as she usually is. If you go hunting on YT you can find some old videos of the show, screenshots here are from her final show and the new host will be Moe from ANGERME.

 Saki still is hosting her 'C-ute Time" radio show which also airs on Saturdays, surprised the name of the show didn't change. It airs on AM 1422, for some reason I can't get it where at my home. At their site they have some pics from past shows though they're a bit on the small side.

 Saki does host quite a few shows, have always noticed she's probably the most interesting and funny member of C-ute. Since January her and Maimi have been hosting a show on TBS titled "Furusato no Yume". On the show the pair travel to different parts of Japan to sample their cuisine and to check out the tourist attractions.
 In a first the duo traveled outside of Japan and went all the way to Nashville! Wow, that's the first time the members have traveled to America, shame they didn't perform a few songs for the locals. That show will be airing on October 4th, will try to have a post for that show along with a few older ones, none of them have ever been subbed and never will. These are blog pics from their adventure, Saki a few months ago opened her own Ameba blog after C-ute broke up.

 If you enjoy Idols who hang out by the pool and sea in a bikini then you'll absolutely love these screenshots. C-ute put out three DVD's entitled "Alo-Hello", as you can tell they were filmed in Hawaii. This one came out on July 11, 2012 which was five month's after Saki's 18th birthday. Wish they had one when all of them members were in their twenties as they all look so much better these days, final one came out in 2014 so will need to check that one out.
 One member who I was impressed with was Mai, she really opened by eyes with the way she looked in the video which was 58 minutes long, Maimi looked super too. Then again Saki blew her and the other trio away, she does that to 99.99999999% of the women in the world but will admit enjoyed her solo DVD's more. Plenty of screenshots here, perhaps I'll have more of them for another member and after them check out a short promo video for the DVD.

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