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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Bae Suzy: "While You Were Sleeping" drama press conference pics and video

 Not going K-Pop on everyone, the music and groups are okay but much prefer J-Pop. But this isn't about music as it's kind of a heads up for my next upcoming drama recaps which will be for the "While You Were Sleeping" series.
 May do a few solo posts for Suzy though, her birthday will be taking place on October 10th and next month seems to have more b-days for my faves than any other month. Suzy's real first name is Su-Ji but kind of like her stage name a bit more. She's been a member of the Miss A K-Pop group since 2010 but they're in limbo right now as one member departed in May leaving them just as a trio. For as long as they've been around the group hasn't released that many singles, just eight in a five year period and four of them topped the charts.

 Just started the "While You Were Sleeping" drama today, watched the first two episodes and it appears the show is going to be a winner, the second episode was quite excellent. Suzy plays the lead female role of Hong-Joo, she's a character that can see the future in her dreams.

 But she ends up meeting a man Jae-Chan who is as Seoul prosecutor, he also can see the future in his dreams but unlike Hong-Joo he can change the future while as of now she can't. It was a bit confusing at first so will view the first four episodes before I start on the recaps. Four shows air a week and I'm really enjoying these K-Dramas that are only 30+ minutes in length.

 Will have the first set of recaps this Saturday, am now juggling two K-Dramas at once. The series began on September 27th and will be airing until November 16th on SBS, four episodes air each week with two of them being back to back.
 On September 22nd Suzy and some of the other main members of the cast were at a press conference for the new drama. It took place at the SBS offices in Mok-Dong, Seoul, starting to get to know the actors better as there's so many familiar faces. One is Lee Jong-Suk who was in the "W" drama which was the best series of 2016.
 Plenty of fine looking Suzy pics here from the event, she is quite a cute gal and as mentioned will have a post or two for her coming up soon. Though she's a pop star she's also quite a popular actress who has won many awards over the years, after the pics is a video of the event.


  1. K-pop is my cookies and jam tho not really a Miss A fan but Suzy is bae (hah! see what i did there m8)

  2. A lot of K-Pop seems alright or at least the female groups, the songs they play in these dramas though are so slow and bad they could put you to sleep and er, yeah, see what you did there....

  3. Hahaaa, only seen a couple of k-dramas(i watch a crap ton of their movies instead) and i agree with the songs that they put at the end.

  4. For a while thought Korean movies were better than the ones from Japan but seems the films from both countries have really slipped the last few years.

  5. hm yeah, had a little run through of movies i've watched and ain't much that i liked compared to early 2010s. Mann, even the Chinese have lost their touch