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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Keyakizaka46: 'Mechakari' promo event pics with Akane, Risa and Yuuka....

 Single #5 which will be released on October 25th finally has a title which is "Kaze ni Fukarete mo". The lineup was announced on their last 'Keyakitte' show so perhaps I'll do a post about the show soon as there's been so few of them for Keya recently. Hard to believe how quiet the group has been for the last month or so and except for some member's appearances at the 'Tokyo Girls Collection and Girls Awards' shows there's been virtually zero.
 That should be changing as the Hiragana members have a drama starting up next month plus with the new single being released there should be an over abundance of happenings. Think Keya will also be performing at this year's NTV Halloween show again, last year's was a very entertaining show.

 The group has done a lot of promo work for Mechakari in the past which are clothing stores in Japan There's a new campaign that just started featuring eight members and three of them were in attendance at a store opening on September 27th at their Shibuya 109 store. It's a limited time campaign for their rental clothing store and you can rent out the attire that members wear.
  Probably can't get the uniforms they've worn for their singles, think those would look fairly cool. There's a new CM coming out in two days for Mechakari, will try to do a group post soon them to have that. At the store opening was Akane, Risa and Yuuka who wore the outfits that they're promoting. Two may need some advice from Mai how to dress at events like this one but Akane doesn't as she's floored me once again, no doubt she's easily become the hottest Keya member.
 Well there is a new CM that has come out, not sure as I haven't heard any of it yet but the song playing may be the new single and you can view the video after the huge amount of pics. You'll also notice in the pics that it was a greeting session for the fans, there was a lottery to attend the event.


  1. Hah! already know my luck with the lottery, with those female fans there it seems lady luck has decided to be a bi-but ohhh boyyy i'm diggin the song. Also Akane signed her bum

  2. If she needs help signing it in English I could always give her a hand....