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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Kasumi Arimura: Few recent tidbits....

 Been exactly five months since the last Kasumi post but think she's been busy working on two films that will be coming out later on this year. Have mentioned a few times recently how so many of my fave actresses tend to take such long breaks, to me it seems they work only 3-4 months a year. That hasn't been the case for Kasumi as I don't think any actress as been as busy as her the past five years, she definitely needed a little time off which she deserved.
 One of the films coming out later this year is "Cafe Funiculi Funicula", release date for it is September 21st. Kasumi has the lead role in the movie and it seems like one of those quirky films that I enjoy so much. At the top of the post is the first mini trailer for it.

 Didn't know until two weeks ago but on May 9th Kasumi released her second photobook. Title of it is "Clear" and there was another PB with that title released a few years ago. The book has been a solid seller, it's been in the top ten for sales all three weeks and total copies sold to date is 21,000+. Pics for the PB were shot in Melbourne, not the one in Florida, it's the second recent photobook that was based in the city.
 In an interview Kasumi said she chose the place because it's the first Australian city to finally reach an English literacy rate of 10%. Plus she mentioned for the first time in two decades deaths due to cannibalism were below 5,000, not many cities in the country can claim that honor. Half of the PB consists of older pics while the other half are new ones, Kasumi turned 25 in February and it's kind of a look of how she's grown over the years.

 Haven't been many Kasumi spreads this year, these first two are going back to January 4th which is when both magazines came out. First four pics are from Flash while the other four are from Shukan Bunshun.

 These next two spreads are for Kasumi's "Clear" PB, like the above couple of sets they're just way too small. There's four from WPB #21 while the rest are from Young Jump #21-22.

 Last spread is by far the biggest of them as Kasumi graces the cover of the June More.

 On May 29th Kasumi was at an event for au, she's appeared at many for the company the past few years. It's for their new Summer campaign that's supposed to help consumers design their own houses, plenty of pics from the event which is followed by a video. You'll notice that Rina is there and she's someone who I really like but don't do enough posts for. But there will be one for her next week as besides pics from this press conference she also has a few new mag spreads.

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  1. She's..."well informed" about AUS...we hope we don't go as low as the state of Texas. Cannibalism can be explained by ppl thinking 'Vegemite' is a person or maybe because of the New Yorkers coming over and biting us more than the sharks but the results are appalling either way.
    First shot from Young Jump 21-22 looks like the alleyway in "Sorry, I love your cheeseburgers"