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Friday, June 22, 2018

Nao's sixth.... Zodiac post(?)!!!!.... the 'Cancer-ites'(?)...

 Not sure what my fave sign has been so far though am leaning towards Pisces. Cancer has only two of my mega faves but seems to have many more of my 'second tier faves' and for now may rank this sign as my second fave to date.

 Fumika Baba     June 21, 1995

 Haven't heard much from Fumika this year though she has been one of the busiest gals the past three or so years. If I was to have a ranking for the most popular gals here by view counts bet Fumika would rank third behind Rena T. and Nanase, no doubt her stunningness is off the charts.... at the top of the post is a short video from Big Comic Spirits which is a must watch.

 Ko Sung-Hee    June 21, 1990

 One of my newer faves though Sung-Hee did make last year's top twenty list. She's another gal who has been way too quiet this year but do admit finding it hard to keep tabs on all my faves these days so guess it's time to work on another post for her. As you may know Sung-Hee had a major role in the "While You Were Sleeping" drama that aired last year and that was my #1 series for 2017.

 Tsubasa Honda    June 27, 1992

 Hard to say who my number one for this sign would be, it'd be between Tsubasa and the one celebrating a b-day on July 15th. Seems Tsubasa should be older than 26 as she's been around for so long, her "Piece" drama from 2012 may be my fave for the past six years or so. She's very consistent too as she's finished sixth on all of my 'Top Faves' lists the last three years.

Ji Won-Ha    June 28, 1978

 The oldest woman for this sign and truly one of my all time faves. Sadly have forgotten a bit about Ji-Won as I haven't done a post for her since 2016 so guess I better get  my act together though for some odd reason she doesn't appear to have as many fans as some of the other Korean actresses I post about. Do highly recommend the "Phone, Sex is Zero and Ditto" movies while her 2012 drama 'The King 2hearts" was one fine drama, think I may have a mini film marathon for her next week.

 Tomoko Kanazawa    July 2, 1995

 Another fave of mine who I haven't posted about in eons. Not Tomoko's fault as I like her more than ever but kind of disappointed in Juice=Juice, they just added another member and tired of these
J-Pop groups that have to keep getting younger. At 23 Tomoko certainly isn't that old but bet she and her mate Yuka will be forced out sooner than later, kind of an unwritten rule that Hello Project members have to graduate when they're 25 and I really despise that rule. To me that may have been one of the main reasons C-ute had to disband and they were still in their prime.

 Anna Ishibashi    July 12, 1992

 Anna may not get enough posts here but she's way up on my current faves list. To me she may be the most underrated beauty here, I kind of like her down to earth look. Also like Anna as an actress, her films have been good but way too often her dramas are so-so at best.

 Yuki Kashiwagi    July 15, 1991

 Yuki is another gal who you would think should be older as she's been a member of AKB for almost twelve years, if she can remain with them another three years she'll have the record for being the oldest member. Not much to say about Yuki as I do post about her on a regular basis and she's definitely one of my all time Idols, think she's be third or so if I made a top twenty list. Eventually I will do that list and was thinking it would be my final post ever but that's a little ways off.

 Hinako Kitano    July 17, 1996

 The past year or so has not been kind to Hinako. She had some health issues which led her to taking a long break from Nogi, she was an exclusive model for the Zipper magazine but they folded. Plus her scheduled photobook never happened so, all of those events are such a shame as Hinako has been one of my fave Nogi members over the years. Think with her and many others not being as active, plus graduations, has led me not to follow the group as closely, she is definitely the most spunky member of them all and easily the cutest gal in the group.

 Mizuki Yamamoto    July 18, 1991

 Last gal for this sign and Mizuki is a gal who I've liked so much over the years but for some reason tend to forget about her often. Have such a long list of gals I need to get to, her name is now on that list which may please many as Mizuki's posts have proven to be quite popular.

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