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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Park Min-Young: Few recent happenings #1....

 First post for a Korean actress in over two months, they're much harder to post about than Idols or Japanese actresses. However I prefer doing posts for them even though it's a bit more difficult, hadn't been watching any new dramas lately so they kind of slipped my mind. But did watch the first episode of Min-Young's new drama as her shows are usually quite good, 'City Hunter" and "Healer" are both must watches.

 Title of Min-Young's new drama is "What's Wrong With Secretary Kim", don't know if I'll do recaps for the show but do plan on watching the entire series. Start date for the drama was on June 6th, it airs on tvN. At the top of the post is a new video from the set of the drama while these pics are some promo ones and from the show.

 Min-Young finished 12th last year on my top twenty list and wish she could have been higher. Wouldn't doubt if she will be this year as she's been busier than usual which is why this post is labeled #1 as there should be at least one more for her 2018 activities coming up soon. Doubt if many others feel the same way but to me Min-Young is one of the hottest women of all time and though I don't mention it often she's right up there on my all time top ten list.
 Next post will have a few pics from some recent events where Min-Young as usual dazzled the crowd plus will have a slew of pics for the Compagna Spring/Summer collection. Min-Young has appeared in her fair share of mag spreads over the years, will have one or more in her next post but surprisingly have three new ones for today, no doubt because of the drama. First off is this set from the May issue of Esquire with many of the pics being from the photo shoot.

 Second set which also has pics from the photo shoot is from the June edition of Elle.

 Last Min-Young spread is the largest of them all and she also graced the cover of the May 17th edition of High Cut.

 Last up are some stunning Min-Young pics from a press conference on May 30th for her new drama. The event was held at Time Square in Yeongdeungpo and after these A+ pics check out a short video of the event.


  1. I've watched the first three episodes of the drama so far and I love it. Bonus points for seeing Min Young's curves in office attire. If she worked at my office, I'd never get any work done.

  2. If she worked in any office no work would ever get done....
    Good to hear from you as I was thinking about you the other day as I re-read your finale comment for about the fifth time. Can relate to almost everything you said as I've been feeling the same way about current things too and especially with the dismal state of
    J-Pop these days. Have really cut down on my posts though some of that has to do with my computer being on the fritz. Don't know when I'll finally hang it up but it'll be much sooner than later.
    Will have a few more posts for some Korean actresses, Min-Young is a gal I've adored for so many years and it's my fault she doesn't have more posts. Would like to do one for Yeon-Hee who you also like quite a bit but she's been AWOL this whole year though she did have a new CM come out two weeks ago.
    Am trying to slide into posting more about actresses like I once did, Erika had one last month and last week had a post for Manami. Should have a few more posts for them coming up as the 'Code Blue' movie is coming out in five weeks. Think I'll try digging out a few names from the past who have been forgotten, I really liked Miori so much at one time and recall that you did too, let's see if I can't get enough things together for a post or two.

    1. Oh man, I totally forgot about Miori. She was really rising through my J Actress rankings and then she went on an acting hiatus for her band activities.

      In general, I'm still active with the Kpop fandoms on Twitter and reddit, but at 27, I don't have the time that I used to in university to write anymore.

  3. Lagoon was the name of the band and also recall that you had sent me a link for their first single's PV. When Miori writes her autobiography she should title it 'How to throw away a promising career'! She has over 130 posts here, almost all were from the years 2012-15 and they were all for current activities.
    Miori has never regained that momentum or her popularity, don't know what she was thinking when she decided to form the band. SweetS was one of my first fave J-Pop groups, she was in it but wasn't one of the main singers so perhaps she wanted to prove to all that she had a good voice though not sure if she proved herself.

    1. Yeah, I looked up her profile on AsianWiki and she mainly has supporting roles, with just one main role, since focusing on acting again.