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Friday, June 22, 2018

Rena Takeda: Friday 'Digital Photobook' scans....

 Did a post earlier today and was talking about the three most popular gals here. The last few months it's probably been Nanase but it's helped that she's had far more posts than anyone else. Overall though Rena is the most popular woman I post about as her views per post are much higher than any other gal, viewers here have always loved her but more so than ever. Kind of hard to believe that Rena will jsut be turning 21 next month, I think age has really improved her looks.

 These Friday 'Digital Photobooks' are a new publication from the magazine, this is the third one and they appear to be releasing one a month with this set being for May. Rena's acting career has been getting more successful, she's been a bit quiet this year but will have the co-starring role in the second season of "Maji de Koukai Shitemasu", sadly the first season was never subbed,
 Rena also had the elad role in the film "The Werewolf Game: Inferno" which was released on
April 7th. On to the fabulpus pics and believe me when I say almsot everyone rates a ten, there's 67 in all and the June Friday PB hopefully will be coming out soon, also there's a must wastch video after these pics.

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