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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Mizuki Fukumura: H!P Digital Book scans #168....

 My laptop has been repaired but have been a bit lazy to go pick it up, perhaps I'll let it sit there another two weeks. Not having it means I can't do as many detailed posts as I'd like such as the 'singles series' which isn't all that popular though I enjoy doing them. First up for those posts will be one for Morning Musume's current single "Are You Happy?".
 When you view these pics you certainly will be and it's the group's best selling single in over two years. It sold 114,000 coppies in it's first week, nowhere near the numbers AKB or Nogi sell but it was #1 on the charts it's first week out.

Don't know if I have a current # Idol, most of my big faves have graduated or have been eerily silent so far this year. EDIT: Don't know what I was thinking with that inane thought as Nanase is easily my current top Idol. Mizuki is someone else who could fill that top spot in the future but she just doesn't do enough activities to move into it, her looks though could easily make her number one. Mizuki has had four PB's to date and had a feeling that she would be releasing one this Summer but there's been no news of it.
 Pics here are from Mizuki's third photobook "Kagayaki" which came out in December 2015. There's a total of a hundred pics for today which are outtakes from the photo session, bit conservative but Mizuki looks so tremendous. Even more so in the video from the photo shoot which is after the pics, have viewed it countless times and do recommend watching it.

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  1. Your laptop feels betrayed. It's like the first slice of bread, sneak it to the back for "later" or just burn it in ya toaster(Toasty!) cause ya forgot to put the timer down to 3 seconds