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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Keyakizaka46: 2018 Magazine scans #17 and a bit more....

 There's been so little to post about Keya or Nogi the past few weeks except for a few members. As Keya fans may know Yuuka released her first photobook nine days ago and it of course topped the charts selling 51,000 copies in it's first week. Haven't seen the whole book but Yuuka looks okay in the promo pics and the ones for today hadn't been posted yet.

 But upon further thinking am wondering does Yuuka or many other Idols really look so terrific these days compared to ones from 10-20 years ago? I'm thinking the answer is a huge NO, the only difference these days is that Idols dress so skimpy. Yuuka has a pretty face but all in all don't think she's anything special compared to other Idols or actresses, not being negative to her at all as I do like her but in a way could be getting tired of these books.

 I'll continue those thoughts in some future posts, doesn't it seem these days that record sales are tied in to how skimpy members dress in these photobooks? This is the seventeenth Keya post for mag spreads this year but it's only been the second one since April as the group has been so quiet as of late. Or at least the Kanji members have been, would expect Hiragana to be more active soon as their first album is coming out on June 20th.
 Like to keep their things separate so will try to have a post for them soon but doesn't seem to be too much promoting for the album yet. There's going to be seventeen songs on the album which is titled "Hashiridasu Shunkan", seven of the songs will be new and these are two of the covers.

 Huge shortage of recent mag spreads as there's just two new ones for today but ahve been having some in solo posts for the members. Akane wasn't at the last 'Girls Awards' show which is such a shame, though I did mention at the top am getting a bit tired of books wouldn't mind one with her. First small set is from a special Flash issue titled 'Best of Spring 2018'.

 Neru's first photobook which came out in December continues to sell solidly. It was eighth last week on the Oricon charts and to date has sold a little over 177,000 copies which has to be one of the best selling Idol books of all time. The pics here are from a recent interview Neru did with Modelpress talking about the PB and how there's yet another reprinting of it.

 Don't if it's true but these days I consider Neru to be the group's most popular member. Her PB also had a low budget for her wardrobe but I thought it was done in a much more classy way instead of having just swimsuit pics for geezers to gape it. Surprisingly Neru hasn't been an exclusive model for a mag but BIS may have scooped her up and these are from the photo shoot for their July issue.

 Neru has the cover for this post's other mag spread and this fine collection of pics is from the June 7th edition of Young Jump.

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