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Friday, June 1, 2018

Marina Nagasawa: Bomb-TV scans plus one new mag spread....

 First post for Marina in quite a long time but have been saying that often in my recent posts. Some of that has to do with my computer breakdown but also because a lot of faves of mine or yours have been very quiet this year. Marina is no longer a member of Houkago Princess and seems to have given up on her singing career and has been mainly doing gravure work. She looks so amazing in the pics sure most would prefer her just to be a gravure Idol and she's one of the most popular Idols here.

 There are a few more Marina mag spreads for this year, like I've been saying about many gals will try to get to them soon. The mag spread for today is somewhat newish as Marina graces the cover of the May 21st issue of Big Comic Spirits. Never thought Marina had that attractive of a face or at least compared to others but in this past year she has become a much more cuter gal.

 I'm a bit behind on thigs as this Marina Bomb-TV collection came out last August, that was two months before her 22nd birthday. Think this is her first Bomb-TV set and hope it's not Marina's last, there's a total of 58 pics in the set including the top three pics in the post. After the terrific pics check out a vidfeo from her Big Comic Cpirits photo shoot, highly recommended.


  1. Just wanted to thank you so much for uploading these. When I search for stuff like this, especially Marina, half the time it feels like I'm accessing the Deep Web LMAO, because Google definitely cemsors a lot of her material as well as just censoring some of the terms that go along with researching Jav.

    Also, I really can't find it anywhere else on the internet to purchase her photo books besides cdjapan and that company makes me worried because they've gotten such terrible reviews.

    I actually had to use Bing, and then follow a trail of breadcrumbs through a Pinterest post to find your blog LOL, because neither Google nor Bing indexes it into their search results for Marina Nagasawa!

  2. Thanks for your comments and for some reason these days it's harder to find things from Japan on the Internet as you'd think it should be easier. I've never ordered from CDJapan as it seemed a bit difficult to place an order. One place I have gotten many things from is YESAsia, probably over 200 CD's and some videos from them. Their prices are OK, Nanase's latest photobook is $25 which isn't all that expensive.
    Sometimes their mags can be a bit pricey but if you wait a month or so the prices do fall. If you have the patience to search you can find many good deals at the site, have ordered so many CD's in the ten dollar range plus it's not a long wait to get your order.
    You can also check out Amazon Japan, it's all in Japanese but they do ship overseas. Bet there's other places to get books and music if you do some searching, perhaps some of other readers can make a suggestion.

  3. Bit late but another place is a bookstore called 'Kinokuniya' where you'll be able to find some photobooks, mags, manga(not the 18+ ones), Japanese learners...basically a s*** ton of books(it says DVDs too but I didn't see s***). It's also not restricted to Japanese only, they do have some English books and all that but that's not why we're here.
    Looking at the online store, they do have some Marina goods like what looks like her latest PB 'pocchi2'(?), 'glows' and more. I put in more names like Marie Iitoyo, Yuko Araki, Erina Mano and Haruka Ayase and some of their stuff pops up, one even dating back to 2002 so if they're other ppl ya looking for, you'll probably find them. There are stores around America(If you're not from America then I don't know where else a store is other than in AUS)so you could just rock up, purchase and skip along home.
    As for prices, I'm just gonna use Nanase as an example but on YESASIA, Nanase's 'Watashi no koto' PB is $25.49US BUT in KINOKUNIYA, it's a whopping $24.99US!!!...you can judge the prices yourself. They do have deals but since there's a library of books, doubt the one you're looking for will get one.
    As for reliability...I've haven't heard of any problems/harsh criticisms from a large group of ppl so I guess so far so good(for AUS, dunno about US). So 'Kinokuniya', a place you could check out. What makes 'Kinokuniya' a little bit better is that there's an actual store so you could just walk in and out instead of waiting for a package to arrive unless they're out of stock then you better have something to pass the time. I found a heck load of PBs in front of my two eyes in the store so chances could be the same. Shipping might be your enemy as it's $8 domestic(US) and $13+ international for items below $50US but that can be avoided completely if you do the 'Store Pickup' option when ordering. As for music...¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    A link to the US version of the site:


    1. Thanks this is actually an amazing resource, I have one of these stores about 10 miles from my house :D