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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Nogizaka46: 2018 Magazine scans #10 and much more....

 Nogi's 21st single will be coming out in ten days and they've really raised the bar in the past few years. The group's last single "Synchronicity" has sold about 1.3 million copies to date and it's easily been their biggest seller. If you go back to 2012 their first single "Guruguru Curtain" amassed sales of 214,000 copies sold so the latest single has sold six times as many and didn't the gals look so much more younger back then which only makes sense.

 Just three mag spreads for today but do have many other new things. Did a group post two weeks ago with a huge number of the member's cards for July, there's many more of them and will have some in Nanase's next solo post which hopefully be tomorrow and these new ones are for Miona.

 Will try to have posts soon for Erika and Mai with their Nogi cards from January to June. On to a few new blog pics and Miona starts the set off, few of the pics are with Asuka which are from their recent Platinum Flash spread and their last pic rates an A+. After them are some from Miria who I like so much and have been disappointed that she's never been promoted as she's so deserving plus she's so ultra kawaii. Following her pics are some featuring many of the group members.

 Will be talking much more about the upcoming 'Nao's Top Twenty Faves' of all time. Many Idols will make the list though most aren't active singers though they have stayed in the entertainment field. One current Idol who I think will make the cut and would be the only Nogi member is Misa who I just can't get enough of, she's not eligible for this year's list as she's a member of the 'Nao Hall of Fame' but she had an excellent chance of taking the top spot. She's also the host of the 'Juglar' radio show that airs Saturday nights and these are from the July 21st show.

 No Misa spreads for today but the last post had some perfect pics of her from the September issue of UTB which may be the #1 spread for the year.

 Also in that UTB issue was a small set with Manatsu, shame it's not bigger than five pages as she really looks better than ever.

 Asuka is the center for the upcoming single, on August 10th she'll be turning twenty and am planning on having a massive post for her on that day. Excellent set of pics here from the August edition of Chicteen which I think is a newer mag.

 Saved the best spread for last as usual. Unsure if I'll do a top ten fave members list this year for Nogi, if there is one there would be a new addition to the top five who is Mai Shinuchi. She's another gal who I truly like so much and she's finally cemented a position as a Senbatsu gal, haven't heard any graduation rumors but she'll be turning 27(!) in January and she's Nogi's oldest member. This final set for today is from volume 32 of BLT Graph, one of the top spreads for this year.


  1. ReikaxMisa m8 👌 I want a spread with both of them!! Ohh I would die!!(again)
    Bit of an odd style chicteen has got there. 4th pic got a foil jacket and then ya got a rug on ya in the last pic.

  2. I am looking foeforw for this new single

  3. Has anyone seen the Produce 48 show? It is being subbed and am curious about it but don't watch to watch every show. Mainly am interested in watching the ones Juri is in plus perhaps a few other 48 gals I like, does each episode have a different cast of members?

  4. I can't finish an episode but as far as I know, you pretty much have a taste of everyone like its 'The Amazing Race' so don't think you'd have an ep specifically for like k-girl/j-girl. Seems like it goes for 2hrs per ep so it's pretty much a movie, one long as 12(?) part series and apparently the last ep will be almost double so it's like watching 'The godfather'. I'd say you're better off looking at the <5 min vids on yt for specific members instead of skipping through a 2hr vid coz that's what I pretty much did. What you'd expect to see are individual performances, intro vids, behind the scenes, group performances, training, voting, interviews, judging... and a little bit of drama/comedy/psychological horror with a touch of romance. I've only really seen the compilations/on crack vids on yt tho so can't really help ya there.

  5. Two hour shows means Nao is definitely taking a pass on them. But as you've said there are outtakes on YT for the AKB members so guess I'll have to watch them that way.