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Friday, July 27, 2018

Erika Denya: WPB-Net extra #639 scans

 Erika is one of the more common names here as there's at least four of them I post about, expect another post for one of them over the weekend. This Erika is a new gal who had a pair of posts two months ago but because of my laptop couldn't do more posts for her and can say that about so many others. Those two posts were for Erika's tremendous WPB-Net #217 pictorial, after today's set will be doing a few posts for her 2018 mag spreads and whatever else there may be.

 Erika is the leader of the J-Pop group Babyraids who are kind of popular but have disappeared this year as the group hasn't released any new music. Perhaps a breakup is impending as Erika has done quite a few solo activities this year and her mag pics are so fabulous, she has some sort of innocent look which is so appealing. This set has a total of 68 pics and have a short WPB video following them though it's not for this collection of pics. These pics are outtakes from her WPB-Net collection and would recommend viewing those scintillating posts.

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