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Friday, July 6, 2018

Nogizaka46: 2018 Magazine scans #8...

 Big drop off in Nogi mag posts this year and have sort of figured out what some of the reasons are. One is that there have been zero spreads featuring the Undergirls which is a mystery as the members are a bit popular and before this year they had appeared in so many mags. Plus there's been many popular members who have been hiding out and not just from appearing in mags. Such as Miona and can't think of the last time she was featured in a post. Same is true for Reika, Sayuri I. and so many other members, really have no explanation for their absences.
 Above is a promo video for Nogi's next DVD 'Final in Tokyo Dome' which is from their last two concerts from their 2017 tour. The video is coming out in July 11th, above and below are some promo pics for it. The two concerts were also the final ones for Himeka and Marika as Nogi members.

 Nogi's 2018 Summer tour starts in two weeks and there's only eight concerts scheduled. Main reason for that is the venues these days are so much bigger than they were in the past, Nogi as a group is also so much bigger than they once were. Only one of the stadiums holds less than 37,000 fans, not sure I'd really want to see the Senbatsu members these days but would much rather see the Undergirls in concert, least they can sing the songs live and put on such an entertaining show.
 On to a few mag spreads and there's been a huge shortage of them the past 3-4 months. Single #22 is coming out in a month so would think we'll be seeing more mag appearances from the members. One member who we rarely see these days is Kazumi, her one photobook was not a huge seller though the sales were somewhat respectable. But to me her PB has been the best of all of the members and bet I'm in the silent majority with that opinion.
 Sayuri M. is another member who we've rarely seen this year, have to admit she's been looking much better this past year and her PB from last December was much better than expected. The two each have a mini spread and both look oki doki in the June edition of Brody.

 Here's a spread which I don't think was posted though it may have. The pics are so terrific, especially the eighth, that even if it was posted an encore was needed. Asuka's PB remains a solid seller, it just got another reprinting and sales are getting close to 180,000 copies sold. Erika is someone who deserves a second photobook, she looked so fabulous in her first one but her looks have dramatically improved since then. These pics here are from Weekly Shonen #20.

 Just three spreads for today, perhaps the more popular members have made so much money they don't need to appear in more of them. Misa continues to be my fave member and she just may claim the top spot on my all time Nogi members list. She's another one who has stepped back this year, have been trying to do a solo post for her but there's never been enough new happenings from her.
 Not all spreads that look amazing need to be of a gal dressed skimpy though guiltily admit it does help. Even though this final set from the June 28th Tokyo Walker Plus is kind of a conservative set of pics it's close to being my top spread of the year as Misa looks so dazzling.....

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