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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Nogizaka46: 2018 Magazine scans #9....

 Haven't done a post for any C-ute member since who knows when, most of the gals have been active but not doing many activities which make for interesting posts. However do have a bit more time on my hands to works on those kinds of posts as after exactly 94 days without my laptop is finally fixed and am using it for this post. It was actually repaired a few weeks back but was enjoying life sans a computer and wanted to savor that time a tad longer, wonder if any one is willing to join me for a 'welcome back' party? 😜

 Gulp, may need another break after this party.... hope they know CPR! While that'll be a grand time not everything for today is as one of my fave members has graduated. That's the long time Undergirl Chiraru who is someone I've really, really liked over the years though you wouldn't know it by her scant appearances here. No solo posts but have probably had well over 500 pics for Chiharu, most have been blog pics as she was one of the better members at keeping it updated.
 A list that's never been done is what Nogi members would make the best wives? Haven't thought about it too much but Chiharu would be high on the list, out of the seventy members who have been in Nogi would place her third or fourth on the list. Chiharu is one smart woman, one reason for her departure is that she has one year of college left and wants to concentrate more on her studies, she certainly has her priorities straight.
 Will try, though not promising, to have a solo for her post soon, don't know if I can get enough things together but think she deserves a nice send off from us. Chiharu will be doing some announcing work part time to keep some $$ coming in, the earnings from Nogi have paid her way through college. Would recommend checking out her last blog entry which was a nice final message from her and that was on July 17th, these top five pics are ones she posted for her final entry.

 Nogi's next single will be coming out in thirteen days so fans of the group should expect quite a few posts in the next few weeks. Date of the single's release is August 8th, what's baffling to me is that Keya's next single will be coming out on the 15th and why would the two sister groups compete against each other?
 On to the spreads and last Nogi post said I would try to do a solo post for Asuka. Could have had one as in that last post she was in two spreads and and she has three of them today though there haven't been any other activities from her though. Will try to have a post around August 10th which is her
b-day, first up is this fine set from the August edition of Sweet.

 Asuka is also in the next two spreads but with others, this one also features Miona and the pair seem to appear in many spreads together with this set being from the July issue of Platinum Flash.

 Quite a few members are in this next set which is from the current issue of Anan though it mainly features you-know-who.

 As usual saved the best for last which mean it must be Misa(!), this sparkling set is from the September edition of UTB. Above when I was mentioning what Nogi members would make the best wives have always thought that Misa would easily be #1 and she's far ahead of any other member.


  1. I know CPR...
    I think the reason the 46 are competing is because they heard that I'll be holding my own handshake event here in AUS in August and they are tryna get tickets to come over....
    It's a real shame as the years go by, their attractiveness skyrockets but don't really get printed onto some mags and sometimes the mags don't do them justice IMO so the only place you can get some energy for that spirit bomb is on the blogs. Kazumi would be #1 wife IMO, already got the papers ready, sent them via FedEx...

  2. Hmmmm, did hear about that handshake event but the Keya/Nogi gals mentioned that they're so gloomy as the tickets were scooped up before they could purchase any, those Emus must have been waiting days in line for them... Can't finish up the comments quite yet as I need to finish the story I'm reading in today's paper, something about another FedEx strike that began yesterday....

  3. I got a private detective to investigate the Emus because Emus are my next door neighbours, I borrow their sugar sometimes, I can shake their hand any day...and upon tracking down where the orders came from, the device used seems to be coming from a tree in America🤔
    Saw this briefly but there was something in the paper about a fella in America and a raccoon, don't have all the details but think they were fighting over a laptop or something, dunno who won but there must've been something that got it a bit excited...