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Monday, July 16, 2018

Nogizaka46: The 'Nanase Nishino post' #36....

 Was going to do a regular Nogi group post but all of a sudden the cache of new Nanase pics had expanded so thought I'd do a post for her first and to be honest think most Nogi fans here would prefer to have another solo Nanase post. The title for Nogi's 21st single is "Jikochuu de Ikou!" and will be released on August 8th.
 Nanase won't have the center position for the new single but as usual will be in the front row. I think to date she's only been the solo center for one single but has been the co-center for three others. Asuka will be in the middle for the new single and that's fine by me as she is a deserving member. It'll be her second time as a center, one pleasant surprise was that an Undergirl got promoted who is Ayane. I do like her a lot but still can't understand why Miria hasn't been promoted yet.

 That bottom pic above are the 21 members who will appear on the single, still prefer groups that are much smaller such as the five that C-ute consisted of. On to the Nanase pics and after a few weeks of a slowdown for new activities from her have a feeling she'll be back to having 2-3 posts a week, her last one was Friday.
 Have to admit have really fallen hard for Nanase this year, she's not my all time fave member but is rapidly coming close to hitting that spot. Nanase's last post featured all of her Nogi cards from January to June, here are a few missed ones from June along with a few new ones for July and more missed ones for the "Synchronicity" single.

 The pics from Non-no's Instagram site are among my fave ones of Nanase. Though there are many posts for gravure Idols think I much prefer the way Nanase looks, she's had some swimsuit pics in her photobooks but glad she's mainly remained a conservative gal and hope she stays that way. These pics are all recent ones from the NN site and still have about fifty more to post.

 The ones with you-know-who are always my favorite ones. Pics here are from the August edition of Non-no and it's one of Nanase's smaller spreads for them.

 An even better set of pics from the July 30th issue of Young Magazine.

 In Nanase's last post had three new CM's for Line Clova. There will be more CM's coming out on July 19th for Cup Star noodles and think it's the first time Nogi has done any work with the company. On July there was an event for the CM's which is for a new noodle brand and there's going to be a tie-in with the new single. Pics here are from the event but all of the videos for it have been deleted which is the case for almost all of their group events.


  1. Y'know what I can't understand? Is how Kazumi had like one solo spread in the past 6 months! Does the cameraman drop his camera every time he takes a shot or does the SD card blow up or something? Maybe I need 20/10 vision but baus, this is a global concern. I need the FBI

  2. Agents Mulder and Scully are on the case but it's more than just Kazumi who has been in need of more mag appearances.... lining up behind her are Misa, Erika, Hinako, Reika and many more as it seems five or so members have close to 100 % of the spreads for the past few months.

  3. I need Agents Warren Russ and Dan on this as well. This is a high priority case Nao, G-14 classified, we need all the agents we can get. Go easy on them Nao, it's their first trip to Americ-Japan.