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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Erina Mano: "Hanbun Esper" drama episode four recap and screenshots

 For a change don't have to give any details on what's happened up until this point, think I'll be doing two episodes at a time for now on for this drama. Title of this show was "Assassin from China" which was another misleading one as there was no assassin but at least there was someone from China, actually a H!P member played the Chinese female.
 Erina is supposed to get a daily task to do from her chief at the Kokueken Institute, there was none this time as she was assigned to enter their Worldwide Preliminary Examination. Erina still has very little control over her powers so she was confused on why she was being sent to compete against others with ESP powers. At least there was no need to worry as we learn as the pair she faces off against also have little control over their powers.

 Those two other contestants were LinLin from China and Rajibandari from Nepal, not much of a world contest. This pair did have powers like Erina but controlled them just as badly, when LinLin tried to teleport herself to the exam room she ended up sending herself inside of a box. During the exam Erina was at a total loss on all of the questions, one thing she did learn during the exam is that when she concentrates really hard she ends up teleporting herself. And just like the first three episodes she ended up arriving at the S/Mileage radio show while they were broadcasting.
 As usual questions were sent in by the viewers and like she always does Erina answers then with some wacky answers, even the two S/Mileage gals are clueless. Plus the two members still have no clue who Erina is, she pops onto their show for 3-4 minutes and then disappears just like that. In a change though after the show instead of helping out the radio show's producers Erina helps out another pair in auditioning some new talent, as usual Erina fails all of the entrants.

 Back to the exam and it's not just Erina who will end up failing the tests but it's also the other two ESPer's from China and Nepal. They too have some good powers but just like Erina they can't control them, none could do a simple thing like making a leaf appear in a glass of water. As a matter of fact Erina put so much concentration into doing that feat she ended up using so much power with result being she ended up passing out on the floor.
 And that brings us to the end of this show, really in 23+ minutes only so much can happen though much more did. What I missed you can view in the screenshots at the bottom of this post.

 Know it's only been four episodes but so far this has been one of the more enjoyable series I've seen in a while. Not close to being an award winner  but if you like Idols/H!P gals then think you would also enjoy viewing this drama. For now will give this an 8.8/10, each episode seems to be getting a bit better so wouldn't doubt if that number goes up a bit. Don't have the next two episodes but do have shows 7-10, will try to hunt those two shows down but if I can't find them then will be back with the recaps of episodes 7 and 8 very soon.

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