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Monday, June 13, 2016

Tsubasa Honda: The APB on her slightly worked....

 "Here I Am", hopefully that means she'll be sticking around for longer than a day, if not my second cloning experiment may have worked!

Least it appears Tsubasa is as fun loving as ever though.

 What is it with my biggest faves this year, why does it seem all of them are taking a vacation together on a secluded island? Tsubasa up until a year ago was one of the busiest people in the entertainment field, she's still young as she won;t be turning 24 until June 27th so wouldn't think she's already burnt out. Two to three dramas a year were normal for her, so far this year she's appeared in zero and isn't scheduled for a Summer one either. Hope her activities pick up a bit in the second half of the year, last year Tsubasa finished in the #6 spot on my top ten list and of all my faves she's the one I would like to see move up.
 Plus Tsubasa used to appear at so many promo events along with doing quite a few CM's, she's does have a few recent CM's but no kind of event since February. However there is one new film scheduled for this year titled "Girls", at 23 she's till playing teen roles! The movie isn't coming out until October 8th, haven't checked if there's a trailer out for it yet but will for her b-day post which there will hopefully be one in two weeks.

 Tsubasa does have an Instagram account now, doesn't update it often enough and the same goes for her blog but here's a few recent pics.

 Kind of smallish pics but Tsubasa still looks ultra adorable in the June issue of Non-no.

 Also Tsubasa will be the feature gal in the July issue of 'ar', don't think it's come out yet but here's some fabulous pics from their site along with the site's address: ar-mag.jp/specialcontents/8898

 This is turning out to be a much longer post than I thought it would be, not a lot of one thing but a little of many things. These here are some recent promo pics for the Dragon Quest game plus some screenshots from behind the making of her last CM for them.

 There hasn't been too many Tsubasa new happenings so hope I didn't use them all up as would like to have some new things for her b-day in two weeks. Last thing for today is a new CM for Nikon.

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