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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Mayu Matsuoka: "Sono 'Okodawari,' Ore ni mo Kure Yo!!" drama episodes three and four recaps with screenshots

 Perhaps I'll just do one or two recaps for this series, was thinking of the last two shows of this eleven episode series which ends on June 17th. It's actually been a decent watch but recaps for it don't do it enough justice, it really is an interesting watch but not an interesting drama to read about.
 Hence will keep this very, very short but say that about so many reviews and they end up being well over a thousand words. Mayu and Sairi are emcees of a fictitious 'mockumentary' style of show where they investigate people who have strange obsessions or 'okodawaris'. Decided to keep these two episodes together as it's close to being a two-parter with the guest in episode 3 also appearing in the following show.

 The first guest is a manga writer named Ohashi, the gals visit him at his apartment which is also where he works. At his residence are also four of his assistants, they seem to do all of the drawing for the manga strip. All except one thing which is the eyes, Ohashi's talents lie in drawing eyes which look so simple yet supposedly are difficult to draw. But the main reason for the visit is to find out what Ohashi's obsession is which really isn't too much of a bad one which is that he's addicted to plums and has been since he was a little boy, title of this show was 'Plum Man'.
 Ohashi can make all kinds of concoctions out of plums, one that he made for Mayu and Sairi were 'plum pills'. Mayu thought they had a interesting taste while Sairi wasn't impressed with the taste at all. Shortly after the trio leave his apartment to let the assistants finish the manga and head to a Izakaya to try the plums with alcohol.
 At the Izakaya(bar) things start to get a bit complicated and odd as for some reason Sairi has started to really fall hard for Ohashi. The feeling is mutual too but is it just the alcohol talking? We find out that it isn't as the group heads to a karaoke joint where Mayu ends up doing most of the singing while Sairi and Ohashi cuddle up and have their first kiss which leaves Mayu speechless. Is this just a one night fking or will things continue on, we'll find out in the next show as this one ends at that point.

 It's more than just a one-nighter as Ohashi makes another appearance in the fourth episode with Sairi by his side. He made Sairi late for the next show as she and Mayu are going to interview another manga artist who is part of the Renoir Brothers writing team. It's just a one person team and the name of the writer is Sakon, didn't check if either manga artist is real but have a feeling they're not.
 Sakon has many obsessions though they don't appear to be too odd, really though the only truly odd obsession we've seen was in the first show. One of his obsessions are verandas, he even has a manga titled 'Veranda Man". His other obsession is sleeping which doesn't appear to be a bad one seeing as how most of us like to sleep.

  Sakon though enjoys sleeping on his veranda even when it's quite chilly out like it was in this show. The staff for this show came into Sakon's apartment to set up for the shoot, things got out of hand after that. First he becomes upset with the staff making a mess of his place, Mayu and Sairi then begin making fun of his sleeping obsession and shortly after that Sakon flees his apartment in a rage.
 That happened with about eight minutes to go in this 22+ minute episode, found out it was a much better watch just viewing it without taking screenshots or notes. The ending was quite good with Mayu and Sairi really getting into a heated discussion, there's always a bit of an air between them. Then the pair briefly in the final scene travel to a manga publishers where a masked editor tells them that Sairi is really the star of the show and that Mayu is a disappointment because she tries so hard and ends up coming off quite coldly. Would think that ending will continue on into the next show.

 If you've watched any of these shows you probably know what I mean about it being such an interesting view which doesn't come out so well in a recap. There are quite a few subtle things which go on along with a lot of wackiness and quirky moments, so if you haven't watched any of these yet would recommend it as it's not nearly as boring as it seems in this review,
 Like I said there's eleven episodes in this series with two more to go, think those final two will get a recap here and I'll just end up watching episodes 5-9 for the enjoyment and not to review. Plenty of screenshots from these two episodes even though I didn't take any for the last eight minutes of episode four which had the best scene so far in the series with the spat between Mayu and Sairi.

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