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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Nogizaka46: More group cards from May and June

 Hmmmm, no words needed as my imagination(and yours) is on scenario #500....

 Just a few thoughts before the pics, some of them arose after watching their last 'Under Construction' show on which the Senbatsu members for the next single were announced. Had mentioned in yesterday's post about the show that Mai and Nanami seemed very unenthused, actually seems as though most members were.
 Kind of wondering if the group isn't getting a bit tired and burnt out, for about 4 1/2 years it's been non-stop for them and especially these last two years. Mai F. is graduating on June 16th, wouldn't surprise me if that may be the start of many more. Perhaps not right away but think some of the older members want to start having a normal life, though they may have fame and more money than their regular friends they may be a bit jealous of the life they can lead.
 As I said most of the group during Sunday's show were kind of lifeless, no one seemed overly excited at being chosen as a Senbatsu. It is the same cycle all of the time, release a single/album, play the song(s) on music shows, attend promo events, do some concerts, etc. Maybe the cycle is wearing the group down, a long vacation may put some energy back into them but the group is so hot right now there's no way management would allow any kind of break.
 Will finish those thoughts in some future posts, think what some of the members are going through is quite common for popular Idols after doing non-stop activities for so many years. Though there are many popular members don't think they're at the level where they could sustain a successful solo career. Probably nothing would happen until at least September as the group will be performing quite a few concerts in July and August.
 Nothing too much new recently, the first and last photobook for Mai F. is coming out on Thursday so may have some info for that then. Seen a few advance pics, will post them tomorrow and while they look okay they're nothing special. Did post quite a few of the group cards for May but have plenty more to share today with this first batch featuring Nanami, Nanase, Yumi and Erika.

 Three more sets for May with Minami, Marika and Miona.

 Will have more cards for June coming up but for today have these four members which are the new center Asuka followed by Mai, Erika and Yumi.

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