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Thursday, June 16, 2016

C-ute: Few recent Airi Suzuki happenings....

 Bit of a minor scandal recently with Mai which has kind of blown over mainly because it was taken well out of proportion by too many. Seems every J-Pop group I've been a fan of has had at least one minor scandal and 90%+ of the time it dies down somewhat quickly. Personally I don't post about those things here, really not into rumors, tabloids and other things which put a group or member down.
 What the group really needs to do is re-group as Chisato will be out of action for a while due to throat surgery, would imagine there's going to be no new single until she's recovered. Forget the date now but it wasn't today but the group is supposed to be having a fan club event very soon, perhaps it's this weekend(think the 20th). Even though they're short a member the others have vowed to continue performing as a foursome, will be interesting to see who takes over Chisato's vocals. Like I said won't be discussing the mini scandal though Maimi did come out on her blog last week and really bare her soul about many things about that along with a few other non PC things on her mind.

 Gulp, think a few other billion males may share my preference(fantasy). Just occurred to me now but need to start thinking about those top ten lists I was going to do at the end of this month, Maimi right now has zero competition for the top spot on the Idol list.

 This post though is for Airi, by far she's the easiest member to post about as she always seems to be in a mag, at an event or just doing some sort of activity. Guess when C-ute does eventually go their separate ways she would have the best chance for a successful solo career but don't think she's popular enough to be really huge.
 Starting off with some fabulous pics from the 'Mery' site which is some sort of online clothing store, here's the address for Airi's pics: mery.jp/234495

 All of the members do a solid job keeping their blogs updated but Airi's is by far the best and gets updated almost every day, here's some recent pics.

 Lack of Airi mag spreads lately, don't think this has been posted which is from the June issue of Entertainment Monthly.

 Not as many things as I thought there would be, perhaps I should lower my standards a bit as there's still a total of 40 pics. Usually post new C-ute cards in her posts but am saving them for a group post for all of their recent cards. The group was in Hong Kong and Taiwan from May 21st to the 23rd, did a post already with many pics but here's a few of Airi that weren't posted then.

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