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Monday, June 6, 2016

Nogizaka46: "Nogizaka46 Under Construction"- screenshots of the Senbatsu lineup picks for single #15

 Yesterday announced the sixteen Senbatsu members for the group's next single which is coming out on July 25, no title yet for it but would imagine it'll be coming out soon. The selections were made on the group's last 'Under Construction' show, hadn't watched that episode prior to that post with who will be on the next single. However did just watch it so can break it down a bit better for you, as usual no subs for one of their shows but they really weren't needed too much. All 35 members were in attendance and here they are....

 For the most part not too many surprises, really the only one was Asuka being selected as the center. It's not a bad choice but have noticed the group has become so much popular with the older members being the center(s), wonder how the public will take having the youngest Senbatsu member being the center. May not matter if the song is really good, even though the group's last two singles have been their best sellers don't think they were nearly as good as their previous ones.
 Some singles have had 18 members on it, this one has just 16 and seeing as how two Undergirls were promoted that means two long time Senbatsu members were demoted. Those two were Sayuri I. who looked quite bummed out on the show, the other was Marika who I didn't even know was on the show until I looked at the screenshots as she didn't say a word. Both have been Senabatsus for so long, bet they must be a bit discouraged at no longer having that status.
 Taking their places were Himeka and Hinako, for the next 'pairs post' was thinking of featuring them as they're in just so many pics together. The lineup is the top pic but in case you don't know all the members by name will list the order they were announced along with a couple of screenshots of the member.
 In the past the episodes I've viewed for the selections the back row was named first followed by the first row. Those two rows really hold no suspense as most fans know who will be in those rows, the middle row was usually picked last but in this show they announced the selections from #16 all the way down to #1, the center.
 Here's the order they were picked, have two screenshots for each member selected:

16- Himeka
15- Miona
14- Rina
13- Yumi
12- Minami
11- Hinako

 Zero surprises for the second row as all these members are almost always in the first or second row:

10- Reika
9-  Manatsu
8-  Sayuri
7-  Misa
6-  Kazumi

 Have seen better selection shows from the group, this one really lacked suspense and excitement. Didn't appear as the members were in a good mood, none were jumping up and down but think they knew the positions beforehand which really affected how the show went. Know it'll never happen but wouldn't a 'contest' be a unique way to choose the Senbatsu members? Have an extra long show and have many challenges where the members get points from 1-16, the top sixteen point-getters would then be the lineup for the single.
 The numbers on the front row go like this- 4, 2, 1, 3, 5- the back two rows went in numerical order. Mai and Nanami seemed a bit down for some reason, neither said too much and you start wondering who will be the next member(s) to graduate. Hopefully no key member too soon as there's a big gap between the most popular members and the next tier of them, here's the order for the front row:

5- Erika
4- Nanami
3- Mai
2- Nanase
1- Asuka

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