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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Miori Takimoto: Has she finally risen from her grave....?

 Two years ago Miori was just oh so close to taking the top spot on my top ten list.... and then just like she became a semi-exile! True she has done things with her band Lagoon but besides that there's been so little happening with her. Bet a lot of her fans wonder why she's kind of disappeared, she really was on the verge of becoming such a huge star then stepped back when it was within reach. This is her first post for new happenings this year but think there may be another one this month, many of us are hoping there is.
 Can't give a reason why she became a bit reclusive, maybe she just got tired of everything as between 2011-2014 there may not have been a busier actress. Miori was getting the leads in her dramas but since she cut way back on her activities she's had mostly supporting roles. However it looks like she's going to have her first lead in a while as she'll be starring in a drama titled "Botchan". That series will be airing on NHK-BS with a start date of June 22nd, on May 30th she was at a press conference for the drama and at least to me she looks as good as ever, heard she cut quite a few inches of hair for the role.

 Miori though has still been a co-host of the "Another Sky" show and she's been doing that for a few years now, some superb recent pics from the show's FB page.

 As you may know Miori has been the lead singer of the band Lagoon since late in 2014. To date they've had four singles, none of them have been huge hits but have done well enough topping out around the 30th spot on the charts. The band released their first mini album today which is titled "Bokutachi no Mainichi ga Eien ni Naru" aka Our Every Day Will Be Forever". Their PV's are easy enough to obtain but the videos on YT are always restricted to viewers outside of Japan.
 Have a few pics here from the album along with some concert pics. Perhaps being in a band is one reason Miori has been so quiet these last two years but still baffles me why she would sort of throw away such a promising acting career for a semi-popular musical career. Their songs do sound good though, kind of a rock/pop sound and if you get the chance to listen or view their tunes then think you'd enjoy them.


  1. Didn't she do a really short drama at the end of last year?

  2. Yes, haven't seen it but it was titled "Watashi wo Mitsukete" and ran for just four episodes last November. It's not the only reason but think a big reason dramas have really gone downhill these last few years is because you don't see the likes of Miori, Erika, Masami and a few others do as many dramas these days. Plus when they do too often the dramas are short like that one or Erika's "Yokokuhan" series.