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Friday, June 19, 2020

Hinako Sano: 2020 Magazine scans #2....

 The month started out well as there was plenty of things for the first two weeks, not always posts for new activities but nothing had been posted here before. This last week though things have slipped back and really have become worse than ever. What I had thought was that magazines and sites had enough pics for spreads and to keep their sites updated. But seeing as how no photo shoots or very few were done from March until May we're now feeling the effects of that ban or slowdown.
 So can only do what I can do, don't like to go a day without a post or two but for the time being may have to do that but have noticed this blog hasn't slowed down to the extent many others have. But in having so many days off from posting has got me thinking a bit about what the future holds. Started this blog nine years ago, never had any kind of plan on how long I would keep it going but there's no way in the world I ever expected do still be doing this. It's not that I'm planning on retiring in the next two weeks but have realized a few years from now that'll be the case. Am hoping that Nogi may hold a graduation concert for that occasion as who else has featured so many pics of them?!

 Hinako has been one of my fave gravure models since 2015 but has really slowed down on her activities. She's also been an actress during that time and did retire from gravure pics at the beginning of 2019 to concentrate on her acting career. That didn't work out so well as she's returned to having some dazzling spreads but they were all to promote her fourth photobook which came out in March. What I don't understand is why Hinako isn't more active on her Line blog? At one time she was but these two pics are her only ones in three months. With this ban on most activities you'd think she'd have a lot of posts to stay in the public eye but instead the opposite happened which makes no sense.

 Hinako is an exclusive model for the ar magazine, too small of a spread from their June/July edition as most monthlies are only publishing an issue every other month.

 "Hina" was the title of her fourth PB that was released on March 20th, did okay sales wise as I noticed it was in the top ten for a pair of weeks but like most books it's sales were affected by the crisis. There's been plenty of mag spreads to promote and while the pics are all oki-doki in a way they all look the same after a while. But Hinako is a bit popular here so definitely needed to post these pics, her previous mag spread post for this year was in March. This first set with outtake pics from the photobook is from the April 14th issue of Friday.

 Second Hinako set for her PB was from the April 17th issue of Friday.

 Another Friday set which is from their June 19th edition. As mentioned at the top have a feeling most mags are running out of pics which is why there's been some recent spreads for the PB even though it came out three months ago, we truly need many more brand new Hinako pics.

 Final set for today is from the June 9th issue of Flash and didn't most of these spread pics look so similar? Shame there's no videos for any spread nor to promote the newish PB so will skip having a video as Hianko's last one came out in 2019.