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Friday, June 12, 2020

Nao Kanzaki: Top ten faves for the first half of 2020 by post average

 This will probably be a very long post so may be a good idea to fill up that half stein of lager.... or to get the cold shower going after viewing those above pics....

 Viewers have always seemed to enjoy these lists as they are much more popular than many regular posts. These really help me out too as I end up checking so many of my faves out and notice ones who haven't had a post for a while and who has become eligible for the yearly list or are close. Unlike the top ten posts list won't be doing one of these for the second half of the year but will have one for the entire year which covers the period from December 1st until November 30th. Today's list features the top ten most popular gals from December 1st until May 31st so any posts done after that aren't included. This list is according to who you viewers like the most and there were a few surprises in the top ten, only requirement is they needed four or more posts to qualify.
 At the top of course is Risa and have been dying to do a post for her which hasn't worked out well but do promise to have one by the end of the month. Brought her name up as she didn't make the top ten which was a mild surprise considering last year she was the #1 most popular person here by what their average post received for views. That average last year for Risa was 1,102 which has probably gone up a bit, this year her average has tumbled all the way down to 398 and she's had six posts so far. Hard to understand why she's fallen so low and to me her posts are among the best I do, once again she's in contention for the number one spot this year.

 But of course that average will go, perhaps to 440 or so and naturally everyone's average goes up over time. What I've figured out is that there's currently 22 women with four or more posts which is higher than I thought, they need six to qualify for the yearly 'Top Twenty Faves' list. When I introduce some gals think that they'll end up being quite popular which sometimes doesn't happen, then again there's some who I think most won't like too much who end up being huge faves of so many. Figured Sayaka would be among the more popular women that I've introduced the past year and she's really become a massive fave of mine. However not many share that thought as her four posts this year have only averaged 335 views which kind of shocks me. Wonder why not many are into her as Sayaka is just so drop down alluring....

 As is the norm no Korean actress made the top ten and only Suzy has an average of over 200 to date, as of now three would make my top twenty list. One person who will retain her title is Hinako though sadly it's not one for her to boast about. Last year she finished dead last in average for Japanese women with six or more posts, so far this year she's at the bottom again averaging 266. She was fifth last year on my faves list, am I the only guy in the world smitten by her?

 There's one other person I want to mention before the list is started and that's Kazusa who is such a massive fave of you viewers. The reason she's not on today's list is that she only had three posts as of May 31st but this month has two so she'll be appearing on the overall list for 2020. Had she qualified for today's list Kazusa would have been #1 as those three posts averaged 962 views each.

 Finally we're ready for the official list of who were the most popular gals for the first half of 2020 and will have ten in the countdown but in all 22 qualified. Each person will have their average and also a link to their most viewed post, will work from ten to one.

 #10, Yui Imazumi with a 428 average for eight posts 

 Bit of a disappointment as I thought Yui was much more popular. But then again as I mentioned the average views for the posts increase each day and fully expect her to rise a bit in the final list. Last year she was the third most popular gal with an average of 868 views per post.

 #9, Yui Kobayashi with an average of 439 for six posts

 Kind of funny how the 'Yui-chans' were back to back as when you think of one it's likely you think of the other. This Yui's posts are just so consistent, none of them have received less than 404 views yet none has had more than 470, she has a core of fans which doesn't seem to be increasing.

 #8, Nashiko Momotsuki with an average of 444 views for five posts

 The time span for figuring out the averages went from December 1st to May 31st, this was the only post from December for any on the list. Nashiko has become a such a fave of mine these past two years and she should have a top ten position on this year's top twenty list, she's currently my fave gravure model though she has been increasing her acting roles.

 #7, Miona Hori with an average of 472 views for eight posts

 Oooops, made a mistake as there was one other post from December that was a person's most viewed, Miona's post was the final one for 2019. At first I thought this was a bit unexpected with her posts being so viewed but last year her ranking was ninth so she's becoming more popular. This week her second PB again topped the charts selling a little over 9,000 copies.

 #6, Mio Imada with an average of 473 views for six posts

 This was the closest battle as just one separated positions six and seven. However expect Mio's average to increase dramatically as this month have posted the pics from her two photobooks and both are currently in the top ten for most views the past month. I've been a fan of her for a while and it's nice to see others have made her such a fave.

 #5, Nanase Nishino with an average of 496 views for ten posts

 There were a few surprises on this list and this was one of them. Last year Nanase was the 15th(!) most popular person here according to post views so this is a huge jump for her. She's also very consistent as very few of her posts get over 600 views as she must have a core of fans and actually her Nogi solo posts had a higher average.

 #4, Mai Shiraishi with an average of 518 for seven posts

 Kind of funny again that we have a pair back to back who are bit linked to each other. Mai has seven solo posts this year but have a sad feeling it'll be a while until her next one, that's the case for most Nogi members and also may be a while until the next group post. She moved up one spot as she was the fifth most popular gal here for 2019.

 #3, Nana Owada with an average of 524 for five posts

 This was to be expected as last year Nana was the second most popular woman here with an average of 1,096 views per post. This may seem like a drop but you have to remember the views per post do go up most days and wouldn't shock me if she moved up one more spot on the final list.

 #2, Rena Takeda with a 550 average for four posts

 Another person who I expected to be up there on the list and that's because Rena may be the most popular woman I've posted about the last three years. However 2020 has been a very quiet one for her with only four posts, wouldn't be surprised in the least if the above gal passes her on the final list.

 #1, Minami Tanaka with an average of 760 for eight posts

 That PB post above has drawn close to 2,100 views and that average just blew the field away. But even if you take that post out Minami still would have been #1 with an average of 572 for her other seven posts, shocked at how popular she's become here. Of course last year she was my number one and am still thinking on whether to make ex-winners eligible for more yearly lists.