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Sunday, June 28, 2020

Tomi: A few recent smatterings....

 Keep wanting to add an E at the end of her name but don't think she quite has what is needed to play the evil Tomie! Was just thinking about the time difference, I'm in EDT which means this post will be published about 8:30 pm on Sunday. But if you're in Japan it'll be 9:30 am on Monday and thought often what you're waking up to are some breathtaking pics! That's what's in store for today and bet they'll wake you better than the strongest cup of Java.
 For that first preliminary list for this year's top twenty faves had briefly thought about Tomi and then promptly forgot all about her. This is her fifth post for this year so there's little doubt she'll hit the magic number of six to qualify for the list. Not sure if Tomi would make the top twenty though, do like quite a bit but wish she'd do a few more activities other than spreads but then again so many are kind of mind boggling. This is already her 12th post in sixteen months though most are smaller than others, for today have 35 or so new pics and thought why hold on to them?

 Tomi's first two posts were her most viewed by far, since then her posts only draw a so-so amount of views and wonder why? Oh well, as I was mentioning the other day the gals I think that will be popular aren't and the ones I think will just draw a fair total of new fans end up becoming superstars here(!), I give up trying to make heads or tails of things. On to some new pics and as I said there's about 35 for today, with this slowdown there's no sense holding on to things like I used to do. This small batch is from the ExWeb site and a June 8th interview, if you want to read about her here's the link to the interview: ExWeb

 Few recent Instagram pics, few of them are from Tomi's Weekly Shonen photo shoot and have that set of pics at the bottom.

 Back in February Tomi released her first photobook. First week out it made the top ten for sales as it sold about 2,500 copies, bet the total is now over 5,000. Of course that's not in the league of Nogi's sales but how many others sell as many books as they do?

 Perhaps the next Tomi post won't be too far in the future as she's scheduled to have a large spread in the August issue of BLT. Here's a few dazzling promo and behind the scenes pics for it.

 Final thing for today is this superb set from the July 9th edition of Weekly Shonen, second time she's been their cover girl. Tomi has done about forty magnificent spreads yet there's never been a video of even one photo shoot, that's certainly very mysterious. So after the pics have a short promo video for her first photobook.