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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Erika Toda: "Yokokuhan: The Pain" drama episode 4 screenshots

 Once again not going to give a long review for this episode and the reasons will be the same as episode, the main one is that it's not subbed but a better reason is that Erika will be in the final show as there's just a total of five of them. Am learning quite a bit more of what's going on though too many things still leave me perplexed such as why this Judge is leading this group called Shinbunshi and why they are doing the things they are doing. And why are they going after a certain group of criminals, are they some link to the past for the Judge?
 No other English site has been doing reviews on the drama so can't pick up any answers on the web, though it's a short drama but one with such an excellent cast would have thought it still may have been subbed. Erika plays a detective named Erika who was assigned to a special group to hunt down this renegade Judge, his underlings in every show will capture a criminal or someone who does not so good things in society.
 After their capture he remains a Judge though he is disguised, the 'trial' is broadcast on the 'net and viewers can have the chance to vote guilty or innocent. Think in the first episode the person on 'trial' was found innocent by the public, for some reason he stays with the Judge and joins the group. By this episode he's had a change of heart as he can't take these trials any more and leaves the group plus the police have finally made some headway into the case and they have found that he's a member of this underground group.
 This episode the criminal who was a stalker has he had a fetish for females who wore glasses was caught by the group before he could commit a crime and is found overwhelmingly guilty by the public. However the Judge had changed the trial's venue and though the police had found his original hideaway it was the wrong one as they watched in horror as the Judge killed this defendant. Right at the end of the show the Judge revealed his face finally, now it's up to Erika and the rest of the special detective group to find out what more he has planned.
 Guess that's not a horrible review though I admit that too much has been missed, really hoping that by watching the final episode some of my questions will be explained. Think I should also watch the first show again as I just skimmed through it, the final show aired last night. Will be back as soon as I get the final show with what should be a more detailed review and hopefully that'll be done within the week. Have been saying for 280+ posts how dazzling Erika looks, she truly is setting a new level in that department these days as my mouth may never rise again. Also her next drama "The God of Risk" starts this week, that 's one I'm surely watching and be ready for a few posts on it here.

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  1. I won't give any spoilers, but they wrap everything up well in the last episode without it feeling like it was rushed.