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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Nogizaka46: "Hatsumori Bemars" drama episode one pics and info

 Not going to give a detailed recap of the first episode, usually when dramas aren't subbed I miss way too much but in this case subs would help but it was easy enough to follow without them. Don't know how many episodes there will be, would figure around 10-12 but didn't see that info at the show's site. How many episodes was going to affect how I reviewed this drama, first episode not too much really happened as it mainly introduced all the main characters and showed us what the plot will be about but not much else.
 Nanase has the lead role in the series as her character's name is Nanamaru who is best friends with Chopin(Erika) and Kote(Kazumi). One day as they're sitting in the favorite local park a very rich and seemingly evil man strolls up and makes an announcement that he has purchased the park and it will soon be demolished. The trio of friends is aghast but there appeared to be nothing they could do about it but through a lawyer acquaintance there may be a way out. Briefly they challenge the rich man's daughter Kirei(Mai) to a softball game, there's an upcoming tournament and if they can win then the park will be saved.
 However Kirei's team is the best around and it seems as though they're unbeatable, to top it off Nanamaru has no team to enter the tournament. Her and friends begin to recruit any female at their school to join the softball team to save the park, these 'players' they get seem to have no experience at playing softball. At episodes end they're close to having a full team of ten, just one more player is needed, the lone holdout has been Marukyu(Nanami) but you have to figure she'll be joining the team in the next episode.
 That was just a quickie recap of the first episode which was quire enjoyable, length of it was 29 minutes and I really like short ones like this as they're not long enough to have drawn out scenes. Sure subs would have helped a bit as I'm sure some things were missed and perhaps some of that short recap weren't quite accurate but if anything was wrong will update the info in the next episode's post. Have the characters here for the drama as there's 12 main members in this, still have no clue whether we'll be seeing any of the other members, perhaps they'll be on other opposing teams. Next post has just so many screenshots from this episode, so many probably didn't need to do any kind of recap like the one here. Mentioned these are character screenshots from this episode, also in the next post will once again will break down the cast for you.

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