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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Nogizaka46: "Hatsumori Bemars" drama episode 2 recap and screenshots

Nanase Nishino as Nanamaru
Erika Ikuta as Chopin
Kazumi Takayama as Kote
Nanami Hashimoto as Marukyu
Rina Ikoma as Academy
Yumi Wakatsuki as Imadoki
Manatsu Alimoto as Harvard
Reika Sakurai as Bunan 
Sayuri Matsumura a sYuutsu
Mai Fukagawa as Kachan
Mai Shiraishi as Kirei
Misa Eto as Shelly

 Been a while since any mag spread posts, if you really enjoy them and seems as though many of you do don't worry as there will be a couple of posts coming up for them in the next few days.
 Watched episode one with no subs but it was fairly easy to follow, caught almost everything but did miss a few minor things. Well the drama is now being subbed so watched the first show once again to pick up any missing pieces, surprisingly there wasn't too much that was missed in the earlier recap. Also the first episode had a rating of 3.2%, not sure if that's the number that was expected but seems like a good % as it airs after midnight on Friday nights.
 What was missed was exactly how Nanamura(Nanase) and her friends were going to save their fave park which they refer to as the 'Park of Beginnings'. Kirei's(Mai S.) father owns the Celeb Urban Development Corporation and they're planning on building an apartment complex where the park is which is going to be called 'Bella Maison'. Nanamura and Kirei reach an agreement as if Nanamura can get a team that will do better than Kirei's in the 46th annual Softball Tourney then her and father won't be building the apartment complex there, but if they can't beat them then they'll start building. Kirei is the captain of the powerful Saint Denenchofu Polaris School team, it looks like in the beginning that it'll be tough for the upstart Bemars team to beat them but seeing as this is a drama it'd be hard to believe it's not going to happen.

 Not going to be a lengthy recap as not all that much new happened in this episode, the team hasn't fully come together yet plus they really haven't started to practice. The reason the team isn't quite full yet is that Marukyu(Nanami) has been suspended from school and can't play until that suspension ends. Though she hasn't practiced with the team yet there was a short segment where they showed her at a batting cage, she appears to be quite a powerful hitter. As far as the rest of the team goes though it's hard to say if they'll be any other good players as all of them are less than rookies, this is really set up to be one underdog story if they can pull off winning the tourney.
 Meanwhile Kirei's team appears unbeatable, though their record hasn't been mentioned think that they've never lost a game, they're truly quite an elite team. Too early to say but so far it has some similarities to the "Touch" film, if you've never seen that Baseball film I highly recommend it.

 The major event that occurred in this episode and almost all of it revolved around it was that the team did recruit a manager for their team. Wouldn't say that they recruited a great catch as the manager is a cross dresser who always wears female clothes but at one time he was a respected manager. However he accidentally broke the arm of his female pitcher and was fired as the manager plus he was a teacher at that school so he was fired from that position too.
 So far he has been training the gals to get into shape, by the end of the episode they still haven't even picked up a softball and are getting a bit impatient about it. By the end of the show it appears as the next episode will start off with them finally practicing and they had better start soon as the tourney starts in just a few days. Is this cross dressing manager skillful enough to train this bunch of upstarts in just a few days to play, of course we know what the answer is but we just don't know yet how they'll get to that high level of playing.

 One last thing is about the team's name, it's 'Hamisumori Bemars' but it was supposed to be Bears after the "Bad News Bears" movie. However Kote(Kazumi) misspelled the name on the order and now the team is stuck with jerseys that have that name and that's how the team's name came to be.
 So far so good for this series, enjoyable enough but hope they don't stretch things out too long such as when they begin practicing and when they finally get to play their first game. Will be back next week for a look at the third episode, here's a few more screenshots from this past show plus there's a whole bunch more of them in the following post.

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