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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Nogizaka46: "Hatsumori Bemars" drama info

 Think all this working has made my brain more mushy than it usually is as I didn't realize until two days ago that the group has it's first drama starting this Friday night. The series is called "Hatsumori Bemars" and it will be airing just on Fridays just after midnight on TV Tokyo. That pic above was from a recent WPB spread but took a while to figure out that it was promoting the drama which got me started on getting info about it and visiting the show's site, here's the address for the show which you need to copy as links for some reason don't work here: www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/bemars/

The drama is about a softball team that Nanase starts to save a local park. The team is a bunch of upstarts who will be playing a veteran team led by Mai, looks to be one of those underdog shows the Japanese are so famous for. That's okay that this theme has been too many times to count as when they're done right they turn out to be very enjoyable shows though sometimes a bit corny. This one will probably be a bit corny but that won't prevent me from watching it, know it'll be easy to get and heard rumors it may be subbed though nothing concrete yet but bet the story will be easy enough to follow without them.

 There hasn't been too much promoting for it yet, there was that one mag spread but no interviews or promo events for it but there still are two days to go before the first episode which will be this Friday. Have a little bit of info for the drama here, there's a main cast of 12 which appear to be the most popular members and don't know yet if the other members will be doing guest spots. These pics are from the show's site and they at least had the character's names in English, also after these pics from the main characters there's a short promo video for the series. Check back over the weekend as I'll definitely(hopefully) have some screenshots and a short recap of the first episode.

Nanase Nishino as Nanamaru
Mai Shiraishi as Kirei
Misa Eto as Shelly

Erika Ikuta as Chopin
Rina Ikoma as Academy
Nanami Hashimoto as Marukyu

Kazumi Takayama as Kote
Mai Fukagawa as Kachan
Manatsu Akimoto as Harvard

Reika Sakurai as Bunan
Yumi Wakatsuki as Imadoki
Sayuri Matsumura as Yuutsu

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