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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Nogizaka46: "Hatsumori Bemars" drama episode one screenshots

 Once again here's the cast for the drama, top ten names are the 'good team' who need to defeat the 'evil team' to save their park, bottom two names are that team which also consists of some really good players who aren't members of the group.

Nanase Nishino as Nanamaru
Erika Ikuta as Chopin
Kazumi Takayama as Kote
Nanami Hashimoto as Marukyu
Rina Ikoma as Academy
Yumi Wakatsuki as Imadoki
Manatsu Alimoto as Harvard
Reika Sakurai as Bunan 
Sayuri Matsumura a sYuutsu
Mai Fukagawa as Kachan
Mai Shiraishi as Kirei
Misa Eto as Shelly

 The recap in the above post was a bit short but did contain almost all of the major details from the first episode. Only thing that really confused me was the challenge, does the 'good team' need to win the whole tournament to save the park or is it a one game challenge against the 'evil team'?
 Sure I'll have that figured out watching the next episode, meanwhile enjoy these screenshots from episode #1, only a 29 minute show but took close to a hundred screenshots including the ones in the last post for the characters. You may not need to watch it as you'll be able to follow along easily enough with these pics on what happened but even so if you're a Nogi fan then you really need to watch it. Unsure what kind of schedule I'll be doing for this drama as far as posting goes, think I'll do a recap after each episode but that idea isn't concrete but leaning towards doing it that way.

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