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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Ikumi Hisamatsu: 2018 Magazine scans #3 and much more....

 Been doing a bit thinking on the subject and will be doing a top twenty faves list this year. Will be having a much different format though to save time as those posts are usually so time consuming it's usually the only post that's done for a day. There will be a preliminary post for it in 2-3 days, will let you know all of the details and need to start soon as it is getting late in the year.
 Can't recall if Ikumi has made a list, think she may have finished in the teens two years ago but just can't remember everyone who made the list. She'll make it this year easily, have always liked Ikumi immensely but even more so this year. She's like many of the gravure models who I've posted about the last few years as she's really expanded her activities and can now also be considered an actress.

 Her close mates also have expanded their careers the last year and they don't need an introduction as Ikumi's friends are quite popular here. Her current drama is titled "Midnight No Good Love Picture Book" which airs on both ABC-TV and Asahi. It began on October 7th but it may be over by now as it was just a mini drama. On October 21st the most unbeatable trio we've ever seen in a drama were at a 'Wired Tokyo 1999' event which was for women only. It took place at the Tsutaya store in Shinjuku and they were also doing some early promoting of the series coming out on DVD.

  Ikumi has had five gravure DVD's to date, have seen one which was fairly good though it's hard to sit through a 97 minute video. Her sixth DVD will be coming out on November 23rd and there should be some mag spreads promoting it plus there will be an event for it. Top pic is the cover while the other is an early promo one for it.

 Ikumi doesn't have a blog these days but used to have a Line one. She does have an Instagram account which she needs to update more often, these were from an event that happened last week.

 Ikumi's third photobook came out on October 27th which is titled "LA". The name is a bit of a spin from her first PB which was called "LA IKU", pics for both books were taken in the LA area. Here's the cover for the book along with a few pics from it.

 Wow, some ultra impressive pics above and will have the pics form the book coming up but not too soon as I usually wait until at least a month has passed before posting PB scans. There were two events held for the book which came out on October 27th, these are from two days later and the event was held at the Book 1st store in Shinjuku.

 Just two Ikumi mag spreads for today but both deserve a grade of an A++++ plus there should be some new ones coming up for her PB. Both these sets feature outtake pics from her new PB and this first set is from WPB #43 which is just way too small.

 This second spread is a bit bigger and Ikumi graces the cover of the November 19th edition of Young Jump. Following the pics is a short video of the photo shoot which you need to view....