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Monday, November 4, 2019

Nogizaka46: The opulent 'Miona Hori post' #22....

 Had never seen that top pic before, it's definitely an outtake one from her first photobook. And what a PB that was and hope Miona can top it in her second photobook that'll be coming out early next year, am fairly positive she can top herself!!!! Not a humongous amount of new things for today but have noticed for Nogi members they don't always need a huge amount of new things for a fabulous post. Have probably had over 10,000 pics in their posts but that amount is really only the tip of the iceberg and been trying to have some missed or forgotten things in these posts.
 Miona will be making this year's 'Top Twenty Faves' list, in the preliminary posts she started out in the 12th position but dropped to sixteenth. Had thought about holding on to these pics for her post in the countdown but figured in the next month there should be a few other new things for that post. Though 16th on the final preliminary list think she's got an excellent shot at moving up a few spots.

 Viewers seem to be taking more of a liking to Miona recently as her last post is in the top ten for most viewed posts of the month and has been on that list for a couple of weeks now. Have a good variety of things, mostly new pics but there are a few oldie but goldie things that will be added in. That last post had a few Halloween cards but since then a few for this year have come out.

 Miona is still Nogi's best blogger but she's dropped off quite a bit the last few years though not as much as other members. These are from the past few weeks and she did celebrate birthday #23 on October 15th.

 There was also a mini celebration for her b-day on her weekly 'Recon' radio show.

 The week after Nogi traveled to Shanghai for a pair of concerts. Some Miona pics of her arriving and departing, wonder what's in the cup....

 Think there's been eight or solo Nogi 'pairs posts', will do more when I can find a duo worthy. Then again none will beat this pair who have had one of those posts... did I make a mistake doing it?!

 Oh well, least being a coward kept me alive though now they make me sleep on the couch! For as long as Miona has been in Nogi, six years, hard to believe how few pics there are are her with MS #1.

 However can't say the same thing about MS #2 who I actually like better these days, if there's more things they could be up next for a post.

 Not sure how much Miona weighs but she is a thin gal though perfectly thin in my eyes! However have noticed she tends to eat all of the time(!), how does she remain so svelte?

 Had a post yesterday featuring a 'coming of age' ceremony, that takes place when a female turns twenty in Japan. In that post were seven Nogi members, six have graduated while the other one is about to. Miona's ceremony took place on January 7, 2017 though she hit the age of twenty three months before. Five members in all celebrated hitting that milestone age and at least only two have graduated from the group. In the bottom pic it's the two members on the right and of course the ceremony took place at the Nogi Shrine in Tokyo.

 See, aren't there enough older Nogi happenings to make it a entertaining post? On to some newer things with these being from the ar site and Miona is an exclusive model for them.

 Last Miona post had her spread for the November issue of ar. But only had the first five pics as the spread was much larger at fourteen pages.

 This is the final thing for today and Miona is the cover girl for the December edition of Entame. Bottom four pics from this tremendous set are bonus ones. So many Nogi videos end up getting deleted from YT but think the one following the pics won't as it's had 466,000 views. It's a short one promoting Cup Star soup that came out in August and is rather endearing.

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