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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Nogizaka46: 2019 Magazine scans #22 and a tad more....

 Did a solo post for Misa a month or so ago and figured that may be her final one, it was also her only post since she left Nogi at the end of March. But to my and many fan's surprise the news has come out that Misa will be having a photobook coming out in the beginning of January, right around her 27th birthday. It'll be Misa's third one as she also had one before joining Nogi and of course had such a superb one back in April 2017. So looks like there may be another post or two for Misa coming up and she went to some cold locations for the PB as one spot was Iceland, perhaps inspired by Hinako who went to Sweden for her PB. These are two promo pics that were just released.

 Perhaps it's just me but seems there's been such a slowdown on Nogi activities lately. There's been just as many mag spreads and posts too but all in all not as much variety as there once was, it's been many months since there was a group event. Have been doing that mini series for a trio of huge faves who didn't have many solo posts but did have quite a few pics in these group ones. Yesterday had a post for Mai and that ended up being one of the hugest posts of the year. Have a few new pics for her, top ones are from the andGirl site  as she's an exclusive model for them while the others are from last week's 'All Night Nippon' radio show.

 Have also had a 'greatest hits of 2019' post for the ultra sultry Minami and do expect there to be two more of them as I didn't realize how many pics she had in these group post, perhaps she may have even three more. But those posts will be for her pics from these group ones and the pics for today are all brand new as I wanted to keep them separate. Minami is an exclusive model for the With Online site, not many recent pics though all look superb. After those four are some bonus pics that were just released from her photo shoot for the December issue of Entame.

 Just occurred to me that ex-captain Reika has a photobook coming out in two weeks, in the next group post will have some promo pics and such. There also may be a few new mag spreads and an event so if we're lucky perhaps she can have a solo post. Taking over her captain's position was Manatsu and noticed since then we've been seeing much more of her, never thought she was all that attractive for so long but do admit the past year she's really been looking mighty fine. She's in a drama that starts on Saturday called "Headhunter: Headhunter's Mode". It'll be airing on WOWOW and for that series she did an interview with the 'Cinema.pia' site.

 From 2016 until the beginning of this year thought we saw more of Asuka than any other member. it was true as she did win a pair of awards for being the Idol who appeared on the most mag covers for 2017 and 2018. But there's been a big slowdown on new things for her the past few months, at one time tried to just have her pics in solo posts but that's becoming too difficult these days. Have a few missed Nogi cards here from the past few months.

 More Asuka pics for her fans and this first mag spread is from the November issue of Sweet. But have noticed she doesn't have nearly as many fans here as you would think as none of her posts ever hit the top ten for having the most views while all other solo Nogi member's posts do.

 A major reason we don't see enough of the first or second generation members these days as the gals who are third and fourth generation members have been getting a huge push. Guess it needs to be done but then again some of us fans prefer the older members versus this new batch of younger girls. However a pair who seem decent enough are Mizuki and Yuki who appear so often together in mags. They share the cover for this set which is from the November 25th edition of Young Magazine. Still plan on recapping Mizuki's 'Video Girl: Mai' series which aired earlier this year, just waiting for the final four episodes to be subbed.

 Will end off with one of my all time top five Nogi members who is Kazumi, she's always looked super duper but perhaps even more so these days since she cut her hair. This last spread is from the November issue of BLT.

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