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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Nogizaka46: February 2016 cards #2- Undergirls

 "Harujion ga Saku Koro" will be the group's 14th single and it's coming out on March 23rd. Today's cards feature none of the members who will be doing that song but the Undergirls do have one of the B-side songs which is titled "Futougou", their songs don't get many plays but to me their B-side songs have always been quite good. Think it's time for them to perhaps have their own single, granted it wouldn't sell nearly as many copies as a regular Nogi single but bet it would be successful and outsell many other groups.
 The Undergirls will also be starting a mini tour on March 19 in Nagoya, they'll also be performing there the following night. Seen the Undergirls do many songs just by themselves and they've always been so entertaining and bet these shows will be no different. For the group's 14th single have 14 Undergirls today starting off with these who are my two favorite UG members. Hinako will be turning 20 shortly so it's amazing as she somehow looks more kawaii by the second, the Undergirls don't have an official captain but wouldn't doubt if she's about to become their unofficial one.
 That's because Seira will be graduating this weekend, kind of thought of her as that unofficial captain. Bit sad to see her go as she's been right around the #5 spot as far as my fave members go, aren't too many Idols as lively and entertaining as she is. Think the March 20th Nagoya concert will be her last one, she picked that show as she comes from nearby and think with that graduation she'll be deserving of a solo post or two this weekend. After those two are cards for Yuri and Ranze.

 We may see one of these Undergirls get a promotion soon to the Senbatsu ranks with a key graduation coming up. Don't know who it will be but there are a few deserving members.... have a fivesome here with Kotoko, Mai, Rena, Miria and Karin.

 Ending with Juuna, Chiharu, Iori, Ayane and Maaya.

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