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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Rena Matsui: "Mr. Nietzsche in the Convenience Store" drama episode two recap and screenshots

 Should be a shorter post than the above one as there's no need to introduce you to the characters. In that poster above through two episodes we haven't seen two of the characters which are the two at the bottom. Rena has two dramas starting this month and one of them starts tonight, her post from a few days ago has most of the details about them. Hopefully will be able to get those shows, doubt if they'll be subbed but think they're like this drama where you can somewhat get away without them.

 In that first episode Kaede met the cashier Nii for the first time and just fell head over heels for him. Who knows what his feelings for her are as he's so stoic plus he's training to be a Monk so sure all relationships are taboo. Kaede was so nervous about approaching him that after her job as a nurse she went out and got a bit tipsy before going to the store.
 A bit tipsy is an understatement as she was totally hammered when she arrived at the store. Instead of having the courage to talk to Nii Kaede was so out of it she ended up passing out in front of the registers. Nii acts as the gentleman and carries her to the backroom to sleep it off.
 Next time we see Kaede is three days later when she's profusely apologizing to Nii for her drunkenness. Kaede gets the wrong idea and thinks that Nii may be attracted to her, somehow to the point of getting married already! Of course she's mixed up but the other cashier and her friend Matsukoma hustles her out of the store before more mix ups occur. One reason for her thinking these mistaken thoughts is that she hasn't learned yet of Nii studying to be a Buddhist priest.

 Wish all recaps were this brief, sometimes those ones that take an hour makes me leery of doing more. This episode was another decent watch and there's a bunch of subplots that are slowly developing, hope future episodes get subbed to find out all the details about them. Without subs it's not too difficult to follow but they really help me as I can't understand everything. The raws for this drama are easy to find as a couple of sites have all of the episodes to date.
 Even if there are no more subs will be doing a few more posts on this series as I'd like to see how things play out but still have no clue how many total episodes there will be. Rena really looks more superb than ever in this show, been enjoying her ditzy acting in this as the only things I've seen her in before this have been serious roles. And will be on the lookout for her new drama that started tonight so hopefully will be back in a few days with a recap or at least screenshots from it.

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