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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Nogizaka46: 'Werewolf' game segment screenshots from 4th birthday special

 This Nogi special aired from Friday February 19th until the 21st, usually they've had a concert for their birthdays but this time around they did something different which was a 46 hour live show. Have to admit haven't watched all of it and probably won't as 46 hours is just much too long for me plus think this is the only segment subbed. Thanks again to Fukagawa Highway who subbed another Nogi show but so far this is the only thing from the show I've found subbed.
 No doubt I'm behind the times as never had heard of this game until this show but it seems to be somewhat popular as looking it up found so many things about it. Quite a few of the members knew about the game and have played it before, here they briefly describing the rules.

 You can play with any amount of players but seems the more you have the better the game is, nine members took part in the Nogi version of the game. Here's everyone's roles:

Seer- Nanase
Knight- Nanami
Inside Man- Kazumi

Werewolves- Marika and Sayuri
Villagers- Ami, Mai, Manatsu and Reika

 As you can see from the screenshots who is ever left at the end is the winner, mainly it's a game of six on three as the Insider sides with the Werewolves though the Insider doesn't know who they are. Actually nobody knows what roles anyone else is so there's a vote to determine who a werewolf is, the vote can go awry as they may vote off someone who is dangerous to a werewolf. Such was the case with Nanami who was the second person voted off, first was Marika who didn't fool anyone as four thought she was a werewolf right off the bat.
 The voting went on and on but rarely did they get it right as evil triumphed for a change. Sayuri was often suspected of being a werewolf but there were never enough members to vote her off so she ended until the end. Along with her was the Insider Kazumi who lasted until the game's finish, not sure what special power an Insider has because she doesn't know who the werewolves are but is supposed to be helping them out.
 Thought it was an okay watch but at an hour it lasted way too long as it dragged at times, think 40 minutes would have made it a much more interesting game. Took enough screenshots for you to follow along, worth a watch though if you're a Nogi fan and like mentioned above it's available at Fukagawa Highway. Will be on the lookout for more subbed segments form this special but not holding my breath as there may not be any more.

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