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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Rena Matsui: "Mr. Nietzsche in the Convenience Store" drama episode one recap screenshots

 Been debating for a while whether I would be doing reviews for this currently airing drama, sure you can tell what side of the debating team won. However not going to give the episodes full reviews and am going to mainly concentrate on Rena's scenes. Have the first two episodes today with the next post looking at the second show, after these two posts who knows when there will be any other reviews and perhaps there won't be any.
 All depends upon whether any more shows get subbed, thought the first six episodes were but it turns out the subs were in Spanish and just the first two are in English. Have no clue how many shows there will be, the drama started on January 14th which means seven have aired so far. If more shows do get subbed will do some more posts, an episode is only a bit over 22 minutes so they hopefully shouldn't be too drawn out.
 Briefly, this drama centers around a pair of young guys working the all night shift at a convenience store and a very unbusy store it is. Nii is a newbie at the store, a very stoic character who is studying to be a Buddhist monk. The other main character at the store is Matsukoma who has been at the store for six months and is teaching Nii the ropes. There is one other cashier who we see on occasion along with the store's manager who can't do anything do improve it's business.

 We're concerned here about Rena though who plays a daffy character named Kaede Shioyama. Don't know if every episode is the same but in these first two shows she just appears in one scene but they do last for about five minutes. Kaede works the late night shift too as a nurse, she usually stops at the store when her shift is done and the reason she stops at this store is because she's been a long time friend of Matsukoma.
 In this episode Kaede sees Nii for the first time, and it's love at first sight for her. Nii truly shouldn't be the object of such an attractive woman's desire but don't tell that to Kaede who after the first few seconds of seeing him keeps trying to think of ways to meet him. Embarrassingly Kaede does her thinking out loud but it doesn't seem to faze Nii in the least bit nor any other customers as there were none in the store at the time.

 Like I mentioned Kaede is only on one scene in each of these first two episodes so what was just described was really the only thing that happened. Kaede is planning on taking things so slow, perhaps even waiting until she's met Nii ten times before she asks him out or maybe against all odds he asks her out. And that's where the scene ends as Kaede leaves trying to think of a few ideas to get Nii to fall for her.
 Not just her scene but the show ends at that point too, at 22 minutes an episode time flies by quickly. As far as the rest of this episode went it was an okay watch but nothing special, bit quirky but subdued. However this drama does show some potential, lot of times shorter series like this one take a while to get off the ground but the last few years have usually found these late night dramas much better than the prime time ones. Check out the second episode in the next post.

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