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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Nao Kanzaki: Sorry for this recent gap in posts...

.... but once again having computer issues though this time it's much more serious. Probably can't get more serious in the fact that the computer for the most part is deceased. Could see this coming for a few months now and have mentioned it a few times here, Sunday that day finally came.
 What's surprising is that the hard drive is okay, seems everything else on the computer has the problems. So guess the next thing on my list or should I say first thing is getting a replacement one, really would rather not but sadly all of our lives these days are centered around technology.
 Would like to hear from some of you who may have some suggestions on a new laptop, is there a certain brand or whatever that has worked out the best for you? And on the other hand are there laptops I should avoid, would rather not have Windows again but think the options after that OS are quite slim. If you can drop me a comment would really appreciate it, no access at home but can check back here via work or at the library.
 My one other worry is about the hard drive, it's fine but is it possible to transfer things over to a new laptop if it's not installed in the previous laptop? Sorry for the bad news but there's quite a few of you who I suspect have been visiting here for a while and didn't want you to think I've given up here or left you high and dry. Won't give an exact date on the return, hopefully it'll be soon but can't start taking days off work or other activities just because of this major problem.


  1. For the hard drive you can get a case, that turns it into an external hard drive, that you can use for backups.
    The choice of a new laptop depends a lot on what you want to do with it. I found out that refurbished laptops are often a good choice. But I don't know where 2 buy them in the us. In germany I could be of more help...

  2. Yeah, no fun having to replace a computer. Windows laptops tend to be cheaper than Apple laptops (though sometimes you can get refurbished Apple equipment that would be cheaper). If you have a good internet connection, you could even go with a Chromebook, where everything (including apps) are up on the web. I use Google Docs and Sheets a lot and find it convenient when I need to access something from a different device. I definitely enjoy your site and hope you can get up and running again soon! Good luck! --Steve