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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Nogizaka46: The Nanami Hashimoto post #49(!)

 Once again Nanami is doing an activity which only she is able to do successfully, if you do attempt this daring feat please make sure proper medical attendants are in the vicinity....

.... is there anything she can't do? Hmmm, even counting backwards comes easy to her!!

 Though acting so perfectly alluring is is probably the easiest thing for her to do as it does come so naturally, gulp....

 Back to normal things though saying Nanami is like other normal women would be one thing that's impossible for me to say. Should have the recap and screenshots for episodes two and three soon for her "Nanami Hashimoto no Koisuru Bungaku" special drama that's airing on UHB out of Hokkaido, it's a two-parter so waiting for the third episode to air. Did review the first show and it was unsubbed but was easy enough to follow without them.
 On to some more than perfect new Nanami pics but that's not the first time it's been said here nor will it be the last. These incredible Hall of Fame pics are from the April issue of Bubka.

 Posted these in the last Nogi post but these pics from the April CanCam deserve to be seen again.

 Have viewed the entire PV for the group's new single "Harujion ga Saku Koro", it was on YT yesterday so you might want to check if it's still there but it is available already at a few sites. It's an okay tune but out of their 14 singles might put it in the #10 position, better than most current singles but not nearly as good as many of their previous ones.
 Sure it'll be a huge hit but don't know if it's good enough to top the record of their 13th single which has sold close to 730,000 copies. The PV was actually an okay watch as it was set in a girl's school and there were a few suggestive scenes with the members. Only problem with the video was not enough Nanami as she looked too good to be true in the video.

 Hadn't seen her on a variety show for quite a few months but along with her MC's Bananaman she made an appearance last night on Fuji TV's "Unbelievable Show". That show has been on for so long though they may need to change the name of it now as to me(us) the only unbelievable thing in the world is how Nanami looks, whew.................

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