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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Nogizaka46: "Nanami Hashimoto no Koisuru Bungaku" show episodes two and three recap and screenshots

 Not going to be a long recap though it does cover two shows, to be honest I'm not really sure how to review a show like this. It's more documentary than drama but it's not a true doc., all these episodes follow a story that Nanami reads to us about the isle of Hokkaido.
 This show airs on UHB out of Hokkaido, it's a yearly special with the main focus being on writers and stories that involves the island. This two-parter was based on the novel "A Wild Sheep Chase" by Haruki Murakami, the first show was also based upon a novel of his. Had read a few of his novels before and they've all been quite good, after the first show read the book "After Dark" which he wrote and was a fairly good read. Little later on tonight am going to start on another novel of his titled "Sputnik Sweetheart" which came out in 1999.
 This story here seems like it would have made for a good film or mini drama, it's the kind of novel which would work well that way but not so much in a show like this. The story was mainly about a detective who followed a criminal from Tokyo to Hokkaido. The criminal once in Hokkaido had to find a sheep with a star on his back or else his boss would die.

 Was reading a few reviews about the book as watching this show I had no idea what is was supposed to be about except that sheep were a main part of this show as you can see by the screenshots. The story has so much going on and it looks quite interesting, think I'll be hunting down that book after this current read.
 Can't say this was a bad show but just don't know why they would have picked a story like this to feature, may have turned out a lot better if it was all drama and no documentary. Episode four though looks like it's much more of a drama and by the short trailer I viewed looks to be quite promising. One thing that doesn't help is that they're no subs, sometimes you can get away without them but in this show there's so much reading from a book you really need them. Two pluses about these episodes is that it's nice to see a different side of Japan, though quite snowy Hokkaido looks like an interesting place to visit and we do learn a few things about it.
 The other big plus is naturally Nanami and she truly looks so superb in this show. She is dressed down and nothing resembles her mag spread pics but kind of like the way she looks in this show more, so down to earth and think she's actually that kind of person in real life. Think the next recap will be much longer as episode four appears to be much more interesting and the story has more of a drama setting. Next show will be based upon the Shino Sakuragi story "Loveless", will be back at this time next week with a recap and plenty of screenshots from it.

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