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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Nogizaka46: 'Nogikoi!'/Gree game pics and site address #1- Senbatsu members

 Group really has so many new promo campaigns these days, they've always had a few but seems there's at least a new one every week. They're paying off though as the new single that was released yesterday "Harujion ga Saku Koro" looks like it'll be the group's biggest selling single. First day sales were about 590,000 copies sold which is a record for them, most of those were advance sales so we'll see in a few days how well the single is selling in stores, will keep you updated on the figures.
 The new campaign this week is for Gree Games as they have some Nogi apps you can download. Those apps have some various games, cards, movies and other things. You can see what they have by these screenshots from their site and have their address if you want to visit it. Still haven't figured out how to properly put a link in a post, never think about it until I'm doing a post with a link. There's two Gree sites I'm on right now, one has an address which is just way too long so here's one of them you can copy and paste into your browser: https://nogikoi.jp
 Here's a shortened version of the other address which may work: games.gree.net/
 That first address should easily work, doing a Google search is how I found the site. Also there's a few Gree videos on YT but don't waste your time viewing them as they're all quite poor plus will probably be removed soon.

 Above are two more screenshots from the Gree Games site, the name of it or probably the promo campaign's name is 'Nogikoi'. Those apps are for your phones, wonder why most apps are for phones and not your computer? Guess maybe they think on a home computer it's easy to go to the site and watch or view things but actually it isn't as you usually have no access unless it's with a phone.
 Every member also has an individual page there and have some pics from those pages but there are many more there. Don't know why I started doing it but lately seem to be separating the Senbatsu and Undergirls members with each of them having their own posts for certain things. That may be okay as the Undergirls are kind of a group in their own right, will have some Gree pics for them tomorrow but for today here's some for the Senbatsu members. No need to list the names as all the pics have them in English.

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