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Monday, March 21, 2016

"Assassination Classroom" movie review and screenshots

 Release Date: March 21, 2015    Length: 109 minutes    Director: Eiichiro Hasumi

Main Cast: 

Ryosuke Yamada as Nagisa Shiota
Masaki Suda as Karuma Akabane
Maika Yamamoto as Kaede Kayano
Seika Taketomi as Rio Nakamura
Mio Yuki as Yukiko Kanzaki
Miku Uehara as Manami Okuda
Kanna Hashimoto as Ritsu
Seishiro Kato as Itona
Kang Ji-young as Irina
Kippei Shiina as TadaomiKarasuma

 Cast was actually bigger than that, although so large even the minor characters got a good amount of screen time. This review is just in time as the sequel is coming out this weekend, it did say there was going to be a part two at the end but didn't leave us on a cliffhanger.
 Will try to keep this short but it may not be possible but will give it a good effort so not to bore you. A mysterious creature shows up one day on Earth after destroying much of the moon, all armies were no match for this as yet named creature. For an unknown reason he gives the Earthlings a warning, if he isn't destroyed by March of the following year then he plans on destroying the Earth, not some of it but all of it.
 Why he gave a warning like that is unknown along with many things about the creature but until that date in March he also demands to be given the position of a teacher. And not just at any school but at the very elite Kunugigaoka Junior High School. The whole school isn't quite elite as there's a very low class in the senior class called E Class, the E standing for End Class. These are the bottom of the barrel students at the school but the creature demands to be their new teacher, they will also have the responsibility of assassinating him. If an army couldn't defeat what can a class of 15 year old students do, probably not much bit if they can kill the creature then they'll get a reward of 10 billion yen.!

 The students also now have a 'leader' from the Japanese Defense Forces named Karasuma, he's supposed to be overseeing their assassination of the creature. He's also sort of a liaison between the creature and the government, though kind of a tougher old guy he a bit of a father figure to the students. Quickly too do the students give a name to the creature, forget the exact reason for them coming up with the name Koro was but they've nicknamed him Korosensei, I'll probably just use Koro from here on out.
 He may not appear it but the creature has many super powers, his biggest one and most dangerous one is his speed. He can reach up to 20 machs and moves so fast he seems to be in many places at once. That's also his best defense because what can kill him are some special BB's the students have but when they fire at him he always successfully dodges them.
 One other 'power' Koro has are his tentacles, it seems he's a bit related to the octopus family. His tentacles are also quite quick plus they're very powerful, even when they're cut off they have the ability to grow back within a few seconds. It appears as though Koro is unbeatable, the students keep devising ways to catch him off guard and seem to try every trick in the book to assassinate him but all are to no avail.
 Karasuma brings in someone who he thinks should be able to defeat Koro, a teenage boy named Itona. This boy also has tentacles and they appear to be more powerful than the ones Koro has. The pair duel it out in the classroom and for a while Itona seems to have the upper hand. In the end though Koro defeats him even though Itona may have been a bit stronger, we'll see him again in the second movie as he returns at the end of the film and now is enrolled in Class 3-E.

 The students efforts to assassinate Koro keep going on and on with no success and it appears they're starting to lose their motivation for the job. The main reason for losing the motivation to kill him as they've all started to like him, he's been a very good teacher and the students have actually been learning quite a bit from him. But because of their failed efforts Karasuma is replaced as the student's leader with his rival Takaoka.
 Takaoka comes across as even more of a father figure to the students and even wants them to refer to him as daddy. Deep down he's a very ruthless soldier and one day punches out a helpless female student. The sort of student leader is a boy named Nagisa, he's not a very tough boy but the teacher and Karasuma seem to feel he has the best instincts to be an assassin.
 When Nagisa saw what Takaoka did to the female student he challenged him to a knife duel, if Nagisa won then Karasuma would return as their leader. Somehow Nagisa was able to throw Takaoka off guard and ended up winning the mini duel, Takaoka was quite upset and vowed to return to avenge his defeat which he did at the end of the film.
 Getting closer to the end of the review now, least I hope it is. Koro will give the students an excellent opportunity to defeat him if they can do well on the final exams, at least one student has to have a perfect score on all five parts of the test. For every part someone gets perfect he will cut off one of his tentacles, besides having a lot of power for him when he loses one or more his speed decreases.
 Well the students were able to do well on the exams, so well Koro has to cut off all his tentacles but he always seems to have something up his sleeve but what can he possibly do with no tentacles? Koro is also a bit weakened by water so the students, now that he's without tentacles, have tied him up with the intent on spraying him with water. By weakening him so much with water the students feel that they'll finally be able to kill Koro and the plan seems to be successful as he explodes!
 What seemed like a victory for the students once again turned out not to be one but they were able to destroy his body, the only thing left of Koro is his head which is now enclosed in a mini capsule. In that condition he's powerless and now because of that state the students should be able to easily assassinate him. But as mentioned before they've grown quite fond of Koro, he is an alien creature but has treated them nicer than any other teacher so they're unsure of what to do next.

 It may not be the decision of the students on what they should do with Koro as Takaoka has returned looking for revenge on the students but he also wants to be the one to kill the creature and collect the 10 billion yen reward. He's brought Itona with him but Nagisa and another student have manged to escape with Koro in the capsule but Itona is right on their heels. He's managed to corner them on a high electrical steeple and it's only a matter of time before he defeats the students and Koro.
 Just before that can happen the skies open up and it starts to pour, water also weakens Itona's tentacles so the students were able to escape with Koro. But the Defense Forces were able to wrestle Koro away from the pair of students, they brought him back to their headquarters to finally destroy him for good.
 They were able to destroy Koro or at least what they thought was him but shortly after 'his death' Koro ambles in from seemingly nowhere looking as good as new. Even if you destroy 99% of him that's not enough as he can grow back, kind of like the Tomie character plus he can move so rapidly you may think you've killed him but you've actually killed what he was a few seconds before if that makes sense as it probably doesn't.
 That finally brings us to the end as Koro will once again be the teacher for Class 3-E as they're now entering their final semester at Kunugigaoka Junior High. Not much has changed though as they student's main purpose is to still assassinate Koro but they don't have much time as they only have until March to do it and it's now August in the movie.

 Whew, that was one long(hopefully not boring) review. The sequel coming out this week is supposed to presume from that time, I've never read the manga nor seen the anime so have no clue how it's supposed to end. This film was very successful and would think the sequel will also be, heard it cost 2 billion yen to make.
 Will be back this weekend with news from the premiere(s), shame it's going to be a while until us Westerners will be able to see the sequel. Say that because this movie exceeded my expectations, going in didn't think it'd be that enjoyable of a film but was wrong with those thoughts. Won't give it a very high grade but have to admit it was an every interesting view, though it's 110 minutes long very rarely had any scenes that dragged as the pace was solid throughout. My grade for it will be an 8.5/10, think it could go up with a few more watches but may hold off on them until the sequel is out on DVD so ca watch the two back to back.
 It's an easy film to find and the subs on it were quite good so would recommend if you like something off beat and for you K-Pop fans it even has an ex-Kara member with an okay sized role in it. As you all know I'm addicted to taking screenshots so have a huge amount of them in the next post too along with a few more thoughts on the film. After these screenshots check out the film's trailer.

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