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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Kie Kitano: "Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai" movie screenshots

 The news that was mentioned in the above post is that Kii has a new CD coming out on March 9th which is simply called "K", the date is six days before her 25th birthday. Where has the time gone, hard to believe she's already that old as it seems like yesterday was watching her as a sixteen year old in the "Life" drama. The CD will come in two versions, one is a stripped down version with ten songs which goes for $22 at Yes Asia, can remember buying new CD's there for about $14.
 The other version is quite impressive and expensive too but could be worth the price. It'll have two CD's with 30(!) songs, second CD has many of her older songs so it could be a greatest hits disc. There's also a DVD with nine videos along with 11 live songs so really looks like a collection worth owning, sadly the exchange rate isn't too kind for us these days ordering things from Japan. Just learned all of this today so will be back soon with even more info and hopefully the PV for the CD's single which I think is called "Sakura Saku 2016", if it is it's a remake of her 2010 single.
 If you came here for more kawaii Kii screenshots then here you are, wow does she look so fabulous in the film and perhaps you can see why she finished #7 on my top ten list. Hopefully the new CD will get her doing more things, seemed like she stepped back right after this film was released and don't know why as she was still quite popular. Actually it popped in my head right now, wonder how successful the CD will be after such a layoff? Seems fans of actresses/idols are kind of fair weather ones, once you take an elongated holiday it's hard to get them back.

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