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Monday, February 8, 2016

Tsubasa Honda: "Nishino Yukihiko no Koi to Boken" movie screenshots and small review

 Not going to give much of a review for the movie, at one time I did have the intention of doing that but it really turned out to be, uh, er, to put it mildly not a good watch. As a matter of fact after the first half hour just skimmed through most of it to watch Tsubasa's scenes which weren't too many. This film came out exactly two years ago to the day, February 8, 2014, did try to watch it once before but aborted it as it was so dull, an attempt at a second watch turned out even worse.
 Just a very brief summary of the film as skimming through much of it naturally missed many things but I could tell they weren't worth paying attention to. Yukihiko is a bit of a playboy, all those women in the pic's poster were or still are his girlfriends and he's had many more in his lifetime. He does want to settle down with just one girl and did have his eyes set once on a woman named Natsumi, things though for some reason didn't work out with her.
 Flash forward ten years and Yukihiko is still a playboy when one day an ex-girlfriend on crutches calls out to him. However she dropped her bag of groceries and in hos attempt to pick them up as they were on the street Yukihiko gets hit by a truck and dies. Don't know if the 'how or why' was ever answered but the next day he appears as a ghost and visits the teen daughter of his previous love Natsumi. She's the only person that can see him and don't know why but he convinces her to skip school the next day to go to his wake and funeral.
 There she and us see all of Yukihiko's older girlfriends and there are quite a few of them, what happens then is that there's a brief flashback with all of them. We see what brought them together along with what broke them up, little bit after those flashbacks started is when I started fast forwarding as those scenes were only worth watching if you have a severe case of insomnia.

 However Tsubasa was the reason I wanted to view this film so had to watch her scenes, they were the best of the movie but sadly she was only in this two hour film for about 15 or so minutes. It was never shown how the pair first met but though there was a big gap in their ages the two of them had dated for a while. One night Kanoko(Tsubasa) met Yukihiko and his current girlfriend Manami in a bar, after she left Kanoko tried to seduce him with no success.
 After that Kanoko asked Yukihiko to accompany her to an Onsen which he surprisingly agrees to. The two of them have a fun time at it but once again Kanoko's attempts to bed him fall through. In her final scene in the film Kanoko shows up at Yukihiko's apartment with plans to once again to seduce him, once again she fails. Those screenshots are at the bottom, when you look as amazing as she does how can any sane male refuse her?
 While Kanoko is trying to rekindle their relationship Manami shows up at the apartment, she's actually the woman Yukihiko loves more than all the others. Shortly after her arrival Kanoko has some mean words for Manami, Yukihiko hold her back but Kanoko is furious that she lost to someone like Manami. Kanoko then leaves the apartment and sadly it's the last we really see of her in the film except for a brief bit at the funeral towards the film's conclusion.

 Actually didn't want to make that mini review even that long, if you haven't seen it wouldn't recommend it all as there's no reason to waste two hours. However Tsubasa's scenes were worth watching, even in bad films or dramas she tends to stand out with some terrific performances. If you do just want to skim through it Tsubasa is in it between the 50 and 80 minute marks, her total screen time was about twenty minutes, maybe even less but didn't time it.
 Wish there was a few other Tsubasa things to talk about but sadly there isn't, her last movie "Terminal" came out last November and looks to be a much better movie but hasn't come out in DVD yet. Easily the best thing about this movie was how Tsubasa looked, when I saw some of the pics from it knew it had to be watched and she didn't disappoint me at all, wow does she look incredible. There is a reason she finished #6 in my top ten list, few more roles looking like this can see her moving up a few more notches.... whew, need to open the window again as looking at these pics has brought the temperature up to unbearable levels, whew....

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