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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Nogizaka46: The Nanami Hashimoto post #46- happy 23rd birthday! part one

 As if I'd forget if we've ever met, gulp.... Will keep this celebration a low key affair, just two posts but no doubt the best two of the day. For the most part this one will concentrate on newer things and the next post will mainly have some classic(aren't they all) pics, sure hope Nanami appreciates these posts along with all the new fans she's picked up here.... gulp once again.

 Small spread to start off with from the March issue of Entame, think her partner needs no introduction and perhaps that'll be a theme for a future post that will be featuring the pair as they appear so often together. Also the group's '4th Anniversary Special' is currently being streamed on some Internet sites and had wanted to post some screenshots from it but it's restricted as people in the USA can't view it. Learned that the hard way as I tried to watch it to no avail but sure it'll be available soon so expect some posts from it featuring all the members.

 Posted this spread last week but the pics are so jaw-dropping they deserved an encore, from volume 30 of UTB+.

 More new pics and these are promo ones for Hustle Press as Nanami will be the featured woman in their March issue, second Nogi member to have that honor.

 Nanami had gone quite a while without doing many updates to her blog but this month she's gotten back on track and all of these pics are from February.

 Have mentioned a few times recently that Nanami is starring in a drama for UHB which is a Hokkaido station, she comes from Asahikawa. The drama will have five episodes, it started Friday night and is called "Nanami Hashimoto Koisuru Bungaku". The series will be based on literary works about Hokkaido, kind of looks like an interesting show and don't know what the odds will be for finding it but will be definitely searching for it. Posted two short promo videos already for the drama but here's some screenshots from them.

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