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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Saki Fukuda: New Instagram pics and....

 Haven't counted them but probably have 25 or so pics from the 21st 'Best Jewelry Wearer' ceremony that took place exactly six years ago, wish I had ten times that amount. Say that because Saki truly looked better than perhaps any female in history at that event, if you haven't seen any of the pics there are two posts for it here, click on that link at the bottom to check them out.

 Rarely any new happenings with Saki this last year or more but keep digging away to find things to post about her as there is a reason she finished #2 on my current top ten list. One thing she does too well is updating her Instagram account, never too much info but there's always a new pic or two. The bottom superb pic though she did include a bit of info as Saki will be appearing in her fifth stage play since 2014, rehearsals for it started this week. The play is called "Sleeping Tiger Sosuke", think that's the title and it opens up April 16th in Osaka, it'll also be performed in Tokyo and a few other bigger cities.
 Saki's last play just ended two weeks ago after 105 performances and was called "A Wanderer's Notebook", these plays are fine but would much rather see her in a new drama or film. Don't know if anyone knows the answer but am curious how much performers make in these plays, most of the ones Saki appears in are more popular ones with some named actors. Was thinking that if she's appeared in five of them over the last two years it must be an okay paying gig.

 These aren't new pics but they are for here, guarantee that all of these have never been posted here before. Done a lot of searching, editing and watching as the world really deserves more perfect Saki pics, she also deserves to give us many more new ones. Rarely have posted any of her music videos but as a bonus after these pics is the video for her 2009 single "Ashita e no Hikari" which was Saki's highest charting single reaching #19, it was the theme song for her "Maid Deka" drama.

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