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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Kyoko Fukada: "Fugoh Keiji" drama screenshots

 Not going to review this drama yet but seeing as how I just started posting about Kyoko again didn't want to go too long between posts. First bought the DVD set of this series about seven years ago and really was looking forward to watching it as back then Kyoko was near the top of my fave list.  However those DVD's had some of the worst subs ever done in the history of subbing so never really ended up watching it because of that. Did skim through most of the episodes and it looked like a good series plus the star of the show looked a million times better than good....

 So after that debacle kind of forgot about the series, even when I did remember that it needed a view there was always seemingly a better drama that needed to be watched. Have finally got the whole drama with some good subs so just started on it today and after two episodes knew I made a mistake forgetting about it.
 Have noticed a lot of Kyoko's detractor's biggest problem with her is when she does these 'ditzy' roles, to me though she's suited to do those best. So far she's been solid in this series, also thought her role in "Remote" was quite good and of course that ditzy side of Kyoko in "Kamikaze Girls" has gone on to be her most known role. She does a good job in the more serious roles but guess it's a personal preference but I kind of like these lighthearted parts she plays so much better.
 This post is kind of a 'warning' of what's coming up soon, still have eight episodes to go so it'll be a while until I post about the whole drama. Just thought a few Kyoko fans would like to see more pics of her and here's some screenshots from the first episode. Briefly she plays Miwako who is the granddaughter of a billionaire who has managed to get her a position on the police force as a detective. None of the other detectives except for one like her at all and try to get her to quit but though she appears to be a rich, spoiled girl Miwako always ends up solving the cases. This series was a quite popular when it came out in 2005, so popular that there was a second season.

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