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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Rena Matsui: Few recent tidbits....

  Really need a few mag spreads like the pics above from some older ones, wowowowow!!!! Actually few very new tidbits but like to keep on Rena happenings, she's still up there as far as my faves go and though she didn't break into my top ten list has the potential to do so. It's a bit of a surprise announcement but Rena will be releasing her first solo single on April 6th, it's called "Shabon". With her on the single will be the duo of Charan Po-Rantan who are certainly one unique duo, they're sisters with Momo on vocals and Koharu on accordion. Have no clue what the single will be sounding like but if it's something different or wacky that'd be a good thing.

  Another thing is that I've been watching her documentary "2588 Days with Rena Matsui". kind of fluffy but it's been an okay watch. It's subbed but unsure whether to do some posts with screenshots from it, have a feeling there'd be about 200 of them though it's only an hour long.
 Most Idols seem to disappear from mags when they graduate but Rena has been in a fair amount the last few months, this set is from volume 6 of Mad Dream which is a free mag.

 Will be posting about the "Mr Nietzsche in the Convenience Store" drama soon, surprised that it's being subbed and so far three of the four episodes have been done. For some strange reason the second show hasn't been subbed yet but sure it will, it's actually been a solid watch so far. Unsure how many episodes there will be but once it finishes will start posting about it, but if the second episode gets subbed soon then will start on it right away.

 From February 1st to the 4th Rena was in a mini drama for Nagoya TV called "Nogoya iki Saishuu Ressha", she grew up in the area and it's a yearly drama special that features a local star. The DVD of it will be coming out in June, kind of a long time to wait but will see if I can't find a copy of it which will naturally be unsubbed. Pic here is from the station and after that is a very short promo video for the show.

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