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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Mirei Kiritani: "Sumika Sumire" drama episode one screenshots and smallish recap

 Was right in saying this was an easy drama to find but now the question is will it be subbed? Haven't heard any news of it but really think it will be so just going to give a very mini recap of what happened in the first show and a much longer one when the subs come out. Actually it was kind of an easy show to follow without them, sure I missed a few things but for the most part really grasped most of what happened.
 Only watched the first 1/2 hour of this 48 minute show, figured there was no sense in watching it twice as another watch will be happening. Mirei didn't appear until the 11 minute mark, first part of the episode was showing what kind of life her 65 year old self was living.
 The main story line in the series is about Sumire and how one day she transformed from someone who is 65 into a twenty year old female. The older Sumire has lived her entire live as a single, never getting married nor going to college though she had wanted to. Her entire life had been dedicated to running her family's small shop and farm along with taking care of her parents and grandmother.
 Shortly after the show opens Sumire's mother passes away leaving her all alone in the world. Sumire then finds an old family painting hidden away, a painting of a black cat. Soon after discovering the painting the cat somehow transfers into a man named Rei and asks what Sumire's ultimate wish is, she replies that she would like to live her life over again.

 And pooof!, Rei is able to grant Sumire her wish and she's suddenly a twenty year old again, a fairly stunning woman I might add too. As noted it was easy enough to follow with the subs but there are a few things I'm not sure of. One is about Rei, after he makes Sumire a twenty year old he stays around her house, think he'll be living with her but for how long I'm unsure about, perhaps as long as she stays a young woman? Also there was this nosy neighbor of Sumire's who kept coming over, not much clue about why she's constantly prying into Sumire's life but sure with subs I'll be able to explain it in the next post.
 Final scene I viewed dealt with Sumire thinking about finally going to college, she visits the campus but things don't go so well. Sumire is still dressing like a woman of 65 would, most of the other females at the campus were laughing at her attire. However it appears that Sumire was able to put that behind her and I think was able to enroll at the school as the last thing I watched was her in a classroom.
 Am planning on coming back later on this week with a more thorough recap, hopefully I'm not wrong thinking this series will be subbed. Seemed like a fairly good start to the drama, even without subs will continue to watch and post about it. Plenty of enticing Mirei screenshots here from the show, even though she didn't appear until the 11 minute mark, she's constantly leaving me(all of us) speechless.... After the screenshots check out a short promo for the second episode.

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